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Why You Need To Break Up With Your Girlfriend and Start A Hustle’ If You’re Under 25

I gotta start with a disclaimer due to the tittle of this post and the content – aint tryna get my ass kicked by a bunch of girls. My disclaimer goes thus: “Dear Ladies, this is just a blogpost and I didn’t write this article with intentions of you losing your dear boyfriend, I wrote it to shed some light that your boyfriend might not be aware of and not seeing since “Love is Blind”. However, if you loose your boyfriend due to this post, please accept my sincere apology and sympathy. He didn’t deserve you in the first place, So, please follow me on Instagram @DanielDamilolaNejo so I can continue from where he stopped..looool”

If this is your first time reading an article from me, you might think am crazy and this is the kind of content I create but I actually write about Business, Entrepreneurship, Hustle and everything in between but I decided to write this article because it somehow relates to the topics I write about and lets just be honest, you are reading this right now because you know its going to be an interesting article. So, lets just cut straight to the chase and get right at it.

Almost everybody has a girlfriend these days. You’ve got teens from the age of 19 down to 15 already having a “boo” that they “love to death”. I don’t see anything wrong with that since am also a sucker for love, I fall in love every day, lol and I think I had my first girlfriend when I was a teen as well back in Nigeria. (damn! Looking back now – that girl had some potential behind her that I was blind to and didn’t explore to the fullest). That’s one of the things about having a girlfriend at a very young age, you don’t really know what the fuck you want, you are just caught up in the idea of having a girlfriend because everyone does and its gonna be “cool”.  Lets cut to the chase and the reasons why you “might” need to breakup with your girl.

1. Bro, Ho Is Life!

When I say “Ho” is life am not saying you should go around being an irresponsible prick and giving ladies Herpes or some other crazy STD. Rather – am coming from a different frame where the advice is that as a man you need to be exposed to a lot of things that will eventually make you realize what you really wantthe type of girl that is best for youhave quality time finding yourselfand becoming the strongest version of yourself. Let me elaborate.

In my opinion, when you are under 25 years of age, except you are from a wealthy family and you were born with a silver spoon stuck down your ass – there is a great chance that you will still be trying to find yourself and get your shit together. If you are still trying to get your shit together like – education, job and career. Those 3 things are very important for a man to figure out and the last thing you need is someone constantly trying to get your attention and distracting you from what you should be figuring out. I do not say this to mean that girlfriends are a distraction because I know some girls are actually an asset but a lot of girls are “boo attention seekers” and that shit can slow you down.



But, if you are a Ho! That “boo attention deficit” is out of question for you. Since there is no ting (“ting” = British slang for “girls”) trying to constantly get your attention and making you feel like a family man that you are not – you will be constantly chasing your goals and aspirations in life and you will also have a lot of tings on your radar because you are not tied to one and with this experience you learn and understand what you really want from a girl and what you actually like – heck! If you’ve had a girlfriend from the age of 18 or 19 and you are currently 24 years old – you might not even know that you like girls with big ass because your girlfriend – Jess or Rebeca has been feeding you apple sized booty for years. (Sorry Rebeca or Jess – Its nothing personal and I believe some men love apple size booty, so you will be fine)

So, the punchline here is – you might need to break up with your girlfriend so you can have unlimited time to find yourselfunderstand what you really wantknow your taste(because you’ve been around) and eventually get a girl that is an asset and not a liability because she’s also on her path.


2. Bro, Your Girl Aint That Hot!

Girls are gonna kill me for this one but the thing is – every girl that I ever wanted to date back in Uni, I don’t wanna date them now – am way out of their league now (i know that sounds cocky but its the truth) and seeing the guys they ended up dating just shows me they didn’t even deserve me, their taste is wack and I was an idiot for thinking that going out with “Jess” would have been the best thing that could have happened to me back then. Jess aint shit and she aint even that hot, I was just insane and less exposed (guys, I have no girl called Jess in my life. Its just a name that came to me during this post).

I can promise you this guys, if you work on yourself and get your shit together , you will look back years from now when you are over 25years old and say to yourself “Damn! Jess aint even that hot” but, and this is a very big BUT (not as big as Kim’s) if you remain where you are and you don’t improve yourselfget your shit together and get exposed – you will still see Jess and think she’s hot. Trust me, she aint – you have just not changed and you still see things the same.



Okay, lets talk about your girlfriend. I know you know you that I know you know that your girl aint hot. Bro, you constantly see girls on Instagram and you think to yourself like “Damn! Its one guy that is smashing this ting somewhere in the world, looooool. Why cant this be me?” (I know this because I also had and still even have those thoughts, looool!) . If you have ever had that thought or any thought close to that – it means you haven’t gone out a lot, your experience level is still very low and you want hotter girls because your girl aint that hot after all.

So, the punchline is – you might need to break up with your girl so you can go out more and meet those girls that rock your boat (and your like button)

3. Bro, You Are Not Romeo!

Its so easy to fall in love when you are young. Just because Jess gave you some kinda attention or Tola was the hottest girl back then and you had to get her so them other guys and girls can look at you as a rockstar who’s smashing the “hottest girl” and you can feed your ego doesn’t mean you are in love.  You are not Romeo godammit!

Feeding off of my previous point – You need to find yourself and know what you really love and what makes you happy. Its very easy to think the girl you’ve been dating from way back is “the one” and since she’s cool and you guys don’t have any issues – there is no point going outside of the box and you might be in love right? No! You might not be.

I know from personal experience that it can be very hard to break up with a girl that you’ve been dating from way back when you were a teen who you love and she loves you back but bro, its better to face a temporary heartbreak for a greater reward than continue “loving” just because you don’t want to break yours or her heart. You need some experience my man, and she does too. So, you are not breaking up – you are doing you both a favour.



The whole punchline of the post is – if you are caught up in a relationship that isn’t allowing you to find yourselfbecome the strongest version of yourselfchase your goals and dreams, have some fun and you know deep down that you haven’t gotten some experience and exposure in your life and you are just in the relationship because its convenient – then you need to reconsider. There is alot of good shit outside of your comfort zone – you will only find these things if you leave your comfort zone.

I will be excited to know your thoughts below, kindly drop your comments lets talk 🙂

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