El Chapo and Son

Why did they release El Chapo’s son?

Having in-depth knowledge about the issues surrounding El Chapo is also important on the fact that it broadens minds

Ovidio Guzman Lopez is the oldest son of El Chapo Guzman who was a staunch figure Sinaloa drug cartel that his father once spearhead. It is on record that he took over the cartel after his father was arrested. Ovidio and his brother operated the Transitional Criminal Organization which comes under the Sinaloa drug cartel. Guzman Lopez was arrested by the Mexican authority, and upon public outcry he was released from the police custody. Guzman has a net worth of estimated between $50-$80 dollars.

Did El Chapo son escape?

Yes. The unrestrained drug dealer El Chapo’s son Guzman escaped Cops after his arrest which led to public unrest between the cartel gunmen and the police which resulted to the lost of many  lives.



1993: First arrest in Mexico.
2014: he was rearrested in Mexico
January 8 2016: he was Captured in Los Michos
He has faced a lot of arrest and escapes but later caught and was sentenced to life imprisonment.


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