December 3, 2023
George Matus
George Matus is the Founder of Teal Drones in 2014, George established Teal Drones while he was still a high school sophomore. Teal Drones holds the distinction of being the pioneer in mass-producing drones that are entirely manufactured within the United States.

George Matus’s Story

George Matus is the visionary behind Teal Drones, a trailblazing company recognized for being the first to mass-produce drones entirely manufactured in the United States. Remarkably, he initiated this venture back in 2014 while he was just a high school sophomore. George’s drones have found extensive use within the US Army, primarily for surveillance and information retrieval purposes.

His motivation stemmed from a profound desire to make drones more accessible and user-friendly, unlocking new applications and educational opportunities in the drone industry. In April 2019, the US Army selected six companies to compete for the production of lightweight drones. In a testament to George’s leadership and innovation, his team secured a winning bid in the competition, ultimately securing the manufacturing contract.

Teal Drones has revolutionized drone technology by condensing the capabilities found in larger drones into smaller, lighter models. Furthermore, George’s company has integrated various measurement devices, simplifying data collection for researchers. The Golden Eagle, specifically designed for the US Army, introduced situational awareness during flight—a feature that has since been incorporated into other Teal Drones products.

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George’s leadership style has earned praise from his colleagues, who commend his willingness to listen to others’ ideas and embrace diverse perspectives. As a CEO, this trait underscores his openness to new concepts and the value of attentive listening.

George’s entrepreneurial journey showcases a remarkable combination of passion, innovation, and determination, leading to the rapid success of his company at a young age. His dedication to his passion for drones and flight equipment has translated into a highly successful venture.

How did George Matus start his business?

At the tender age of a high school sophomore in 2014, George Matus took his first bold steps into the world of entrepreneurship, laying the foundation for what would become an extraordinary journey. It was during this formative period that he initiated his business venture, Teal Drones, showcasing a level of ambition and vision that belied his youth.

Teal Drones, a company founded by George, has since undergone substantial growth and transformation. Today, it stands as a testament to his early commitment and unwavering dedication. The company has evolved into a thriving entity, employing a team of 30 talented individuals and securing an impressive $16 million in venture funding. This remarkable achievement speaks volumes about George’s entrepreneurial acumen and his ability to attract support for his innovative ideas.

George Matus’ decision to venture into the drone industry as a high school student underscores his extraordinary vision and determination to make a lasting impact. His journey, which began at such an early age, has not only shaped his own success but has also contributed significantly to the advancement of drone technology and its applications.

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George Matus’s net worth

Based on information from Forbes, George Matus’ company, Teal, has made significant strides in the drone industry. With a workforce of 30 employees and has successfully secured over $16 million in venture funding, Teal has solidified its position as a prominent player in the market.

Teal’s drones are recognized for their exceptional speed, capable of reaching speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. However, what truly sets George Matus and Teal apart is their vision that drones should serve a broader purpose beyond being mere flying cameras. They are dedicated to making drones accessible to a wide range of users, emphasizing the transformative potential of this technology.

George Matus age

George Matus is currently 26 years old 

George Matus Teal’s drone

Teal, the brainchild of a 17-year-old entrepreneur named George Matus, was established in 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The core mission of Teal extends beyond creating drones that function solely as flying cameras. Instead, the company is driven by the ambition to empower unmanned systems to serve a broader range of applications and functions.

With a dedicated team and substantial venture support, Teal is actively contributing to the resurgence of America’s small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) industrial sector, positioning it to compete effectively on the global stage.

Why did George Matus start teal?

George Matus started Teal with a vision to redefine the potential of unmanned systems. When he founded the company in 2014 at the age of 17, his goal was to go beyond the conventional use of drones as flying cameras. George believed that unmanned systems had the capacity to serve a wider range of applications and functions, and he aimed to unlock that potential.

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Teal’s mission has been to transform drones into versatile tools that can address various industry needs, not limited to photography and videography. With a dedicated team and substantial venture support, George Matus sought to contribute to the revitalization of America’s small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) industrial sector. The ultimate aim was to position this sector for competitive success on a global scale, expanding the horizons of what drones could achieve in various fields beyond aerial imaging.

What did George Matus do?

George Matus is a notable entrepreneur who gained recognition for his exceptional achievements in the drone industry. He began his journey in the field of drones at the young age of 12, demonstrating a passion for technology and innovation from an early age.

In 2015, George Matus was selected as a Thiel Fellow, a prestigious program backed by Peter Thiel’s foundation. The Thiel Fellowship is designed to support and empower young entrepreneurs by providing them with a substantial grant of $100,000. This financial support allows these individuals to make a pivotal decision: either drop out of school or forgo college to focus on developing their own entrepreneurial ventures.

George Matus’ inclusion as a Thiel Fellow highlights his remarkable potential and innovative spirit, as well as his commitment to pursuing his entrepreneurial ambitions at a young age. This significant recognition further underscores his dedication to the world of technology and drones, setting the stage for his future success in the industry.

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