March 22, 2023
Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta

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Tilak Mehta is one of the founders of the newly established courier company Paper-N-Parcel. Tilak was born in Gujarat, India, in 2006. He was very young when he first opened his own business.

Tilak Mehta’s parents

Tilak was born to father, Vishal Mehta and  mother Kajal Mehta.


Tilak Mehta’s age: How old is Tilak Mehta?

Tilak Mehta, India’s young entrepreneur will be 17 years as of 2023

Tilak Mehta’s career

Young Indian businessman Tilak Mehta has a yearly revenue of crores. His company is headquartered in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad. A delivery service for all kinds of necessary, everyday products, from pick-up to doorstep delivery, is his simple and inventive solution for paper n packages. Since that time, he has expanded his company and is now one of India’s most prosperous young entrepreneurs. Many young people in India who want to start their own enterprises are motivated by his success story.

Tilak Mehta’s net worth

It is not certain what the Paper-N-Parcel CEO has as his net worth. However, reports indicate that it is between 100 and d150 crores.

Tilak Mehta’s wife: Is Tilak Mehta married?


Tilak Mehta is not married as he is a young boy focused on school and business.



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