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These 22 brutal truths about life are difficult to hear but they’ll make you a much better person

When someone finally sits you down and tells you the cold hard truth, it can be difficult to hear.

But if you want to get most of our life, you need to get to the heart of the matter and cut the crap out of your life so you can focus on what’s actually important.

Here are 22 brutal truths about life no one wants to admit but they’ll make you a much better person when you do.

1) Nobody Cares

Are you in pain? Are you suffering? Have you lost something or someone dear to you?

Guess what? Everything you have ever felt has already been felt by everyone else around you.

It’s time to realize that your pain isn’t special; it’s just part of being alive. No one cares.

2) Don’t Waste Your Talent

We weren’t all born with talent. If there’s anything inside of you that says, “I’m good at doing this,” then you need to make your life about doing this. If you throw it away, you throw away everything.

3) Stay Responsible

Who controls your thoughts, your words, your actions? You do. If you do something bad or hurtful or wrong, it’s your fault. Stay responsible for everything you represent.

4) Death is Final

Stop worrying about death or worrying about being remembered. Death is death—when you’re gone, you’re gone. Live before you have to go.

5) Embrace Your Emotions

Stop running from your fears, anxieties, and pains. Admit that you are flawed and you feel things you don’t want to feel, and then feel them. The sooner you do, the sooner you can move on.

6) You Can’t Make Everyone Your Friend

Stop trying. Make sure you make the most important person in the world your friend: yourself.

7) Value Comes From Time, Not Money

Don’t let money stand in your way from living your life. You don’t need a wallet full of bills to make the most out of your day. All you need to give yourself and those around you is time.

8) Don’t Actively Search for Happiness

Happiness is everywhere. In every laugh, every smile, every “Hello”. Stop ignoring the happiness vibrating all around you in your search for a “greater” happiness. This is it, right here: enjoy it.

9) Money Won’t Bring You Happiness

If you aren’t happy on the inside, no amount of fortunes could make you happy. Happiness comes from the heart.

10) Everyone Around You Will Someday Die

Don’t make your life about grieving over others and worrying about the day they’ll lay down and die. Death is a part of life; live life while you have it.

11) Money Won’t Go with You to the After Life

You know all those long nights you spent building your fortune, ignoring your health, your loved ones, and your life? When you die, those nights will be for nothing, because that money can’t be used after you die.

12) Don’t Forget Who You Are

Remember the you who lives in the place beyond your anxieties, stresses, and worries. The you who defines who you really are, surrounded by what makes you smile and what makes you passionate. Remember that “you” always.

Jeremy Atus

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