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The Wyze Camera; affordability and functionalities

Home security and safety in general has always been a matter of concern to all and sundry. Theft and other related crimes can be monitored, tracked on prevented with the help of this smart camera. If you are thinking of getting a WiFi-connected camera which you don’t need to break your bank to acquire, them the Wyze Cam is what you need.

These are the reasons why you need to have the Wyze camera:

1. 1080p HD Live Stream

With a full High Definition streaming resolution, your mobile phone can give you a real time view of your home and properties. The Qyze App can help you communicate with people at the other side. 

2. Motion/Sound Recording with Free Cloud Storage

The Wyze is able to record a mini video clip upon the detection of motion or sound and can be uploaded into the device’s cloud without a fee. The push notification gives you all the alerts on the slightest of motion or sound around your property or home. 

4. Night Vision

The Wyze camera with its infrared LED enables you to have a night vision of about 30 feet. It has security features that make it an ideal choice. 

3. Person Detection

You will have to pay nothing for Wyze cam’s AI person detection feature. The camera gives you a notification when a person is roaming around a place or location which they are not supposed to be. 

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