Tanya Mayorkas
Tanya Mayorkas

Tanya Mayorkas Resignation: Why Did Tanya Mayorkas Resign?


Tanya Mayorkas’s Biography

Tanya Mayorkas was born on the 12th of October 1967, and she is 55 years of age. Her maiden’s name is Tanya Nathan, and she is a Christian by religion. she is the wife of the Cuban American lawyer and politician Alejandro Mayorkas who is currently the seventh US secretary of homeland security under the administration of President Joe Biden. Tanya is a graduate, and she joined UCLA School of Law to receive a Juris degree. she has been supportive to her husband’s career as a politician. Tanya had lived in   residences in Berkeley, Oakland, and Los Angeles, California. But she lived in Washinton DC before 2020. Tanya acquired her early education status at the Athenian School and South Eugene High School. After which then proceeded to study literature in Vassar College.

Tanya Mayorkas’s Parents

The information about the parents of Tanya Mayorkas is now not known. We are still on a search to find out the names of her parents. But it is on record the mother of Tanya is blessed memory and she loved her much.

Tanya Mayorkas’s Political life

Tanya is not a staunch tactical politician as her husband does. But as a lawyer, she assisted her husband’s Law Firm at Washington DC.

Tanya Mayorkas’s Family

Tanya is married to Alejandro Mayorkas the Cuban American politician. they are blessed with two Children namely: Giselle and Amelia Mayorkas. Aside the family built with her husband, she also has some siblings and some friends namely: Nathan Nathan, Karl Nathan, Ari Nathan, and Hope Nathan.

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