March 27, 2023
Shaq Thompson Girlfriend: Does Shaq Thompson Have A Girlfriend?
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Shaq Thompson girlfriend

Shaq Thompson’s girlfriend is known by the name of Gabby Wagonblast. Her nickname is also “the wagonblaster.”

Shaq Thompson’s age: How old is Shaq Thompson?

Shaq Thompson was born on April 21, 1994, in Sacramento, California, United States of America, and is currently 28 years of age.

Shaq Thompson’s career

Shaq Thompson was selected by the Carolina Panthers in the first round (25th overall) of the 2015 NFL Draft.  He was the third outside linebacker, behind Bud Dupree and Shane Ray, and the seventh edge rusher drafted in 2015.

Shaq is known to have played all his career games with the Carolina Panthers until  March 2022, when he agreed to a contract restructure in order free up cap space for the Panthers.

Shaq Thompson’s net worth

Shaq Thompson is estimated to have a net worth of $54 Million

Shaq Thompson’s parents

Shaq Thompson is the son of Patrice Thompson.


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