Scott Gerald Borgerson

Scott Gerald Borgerson wife: Who is Rebecca?

Scott Gerald Borgerson’s biography

Scott Borgerson is the husband of former socialite and British convicted sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell who was found guilty and convicted of child sex trafficking and other offenses in connection with the financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Scott is a 46-year-old tech millionaire who lives in Massachusetts.

He used to be the CEO of the data analytics company CargoMetrics which he founded in 2010 but stepped down from his role.

The husband of the convicted sex trafficker is known to be very connected with the administration of the former president of the United States Donald Trump.

Scott Borgerson’s wife: Why did Scott Gerald Borgerson divorce his ex-wife Rebecca?

Rebecca Borgerson happens to be the first wife of tech guru Scott Borgerson who happens to be the current husband of former socialite and convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

Scott Borgerson and her former wife Rebecca were said to have divorced after she found out that her husband and Ghislaine Maxwell were having an affair whiles serving as a panel speaker at an event linked to ocean preservation in Reykjavík in 2013.

Did Scott Gerald Borgerson have any children?

Yes, Scott Borgerson is known to be a proud father of two young children with her former wife Rebecca

Who is Scott Gerald Borgerson married to now?

Scott Gerald Borgerson is married to former socialite Ghislaine Maxwell

Is Ghislaine Maxwell married?

Yes, Ghislaine Maxwell is alleged to be married to Tech millionaire Scott Borgerson

Does Ghislaine Maxwell have any children?

Ghislaine Maxwell does not have any children of her at the moment

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