March 22, 2023
rushawn ewears 1673641083694 Rushawn Ewears Net Worth: What Is Rushawn Ewears' Net Worth?
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Rushawn Ewears’ net worth

The amount Rushwan is receiving from his current song is not known but since his video had gone viral both on YouTube, TikTok and the rest of social media platforms, he is probably earning something which is now not disclosed to the public.

Rushawn Ewears’ career

Rushawn is a young boy who is currently schooling probably he might be in his elementary level or Grade 6. upon many interviews the young boy had conducted, he normally emphasis that the song he sang is a gift from God. He recounted how he got the song by saying that he one day woke up from the bed, stood and looked himself in the mirror and understood that God had given him a live and a new hope. Hence, the song it a beautiful day. He was asked whether he sees music to be his career and he responded by saying that this song alone shall propel him to his dream career as singer. He is a chorister in his church.

Rushawn Ewears’ age: How old is Rushawn Ewears?


It’s a beautiful day singer Rushawn is an upcoming singer whom we have little information about him. But looking at the little boy and his rhythmic style of singing, he will be around the age of 10 years.

Rushawn Ewears’ parents

There is scanty information about the parents Rushwan but we are still following, and we promise to update the public about the names of the parents and what they do. But we assume that the parents bear the name Ewears.

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Rushawn Ewears’ songs

Rushwan sings in the church choir and the number of songs he has released is not known to us only the IT A BEAUTIFL DAY. Even in line with the song he sang people are saying he is not the original creator of the song. The song was originally released by Jermaine Edwards nearly a decade ago.

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