March 22, 2023
2023 01 27 03 rushawn ewears star o Rushawn Ewears Girlfriend: Does Rushawn Ewears Have A Girlfriend?
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Rushawn Ewears’ girlfriend

Rushawn Ewears does not have any known girlfriend at the moment as he has not come out to speak on that.

Rushawn Ewears’ career

Rushawn Ewears is a musician as well as a student.

Rushawn Ewears’ net worth

Rushawn is estimated to have a net worth that stands at $1 Million

Rushawn Ewears’ age: How old is Rushawn Ewears?

Rushawn Ewears is currently 16 years of age.

Rushawn Ewears’s parents

Rushawn Ewears parents are unknown at the moment as there is no report on them

Rushawn Ewears biography

Rushawn Ewears happens to a young man whose video went viral after he was seen singing a song titled “Beautiful Day” by Jamaican Gospel artist, Jermaine Edwards.

The video which was recorded by the teacher of Rushawn Ewars by the name Cavene Bisasor-Headlam in the year 2007 at the Top Hill Primary School in St. Elizabeth found its way to social media and was speculated all over making him well-known and popular.

According to Sony Music UK A&Rs Preye Crooks and Milo Saville, Rushawn and Jermaine have now signed a license agreement “with all of the masters belonging to Jermaine and Rushawn.”


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