December 1, 2023
Rachel Zietz
Rachel is the founder of Gladiator Lacrosse, a brand specializing in top-notch sports training gear at a budget-friendly price range.  she has revolutionized the market with her premium sports training equipment. Gladiator Lacrosse is synonymous with affordability and quality, making it the go-to choice for athletes seeking top-notch gear that won’t break the bank.

Rachel Zietz’s net worth

Rachel Zietz

Rachel Zietz, the founder of Gladiator Lacrosse, boasts a business valued at over $5 million, offering top-tier training equipment at affordable prices. She gained recognition in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and has plans for further post-graduation business expansion while maintaining profitability and brand integrity.

In 2018, her company experienced acquisition and diversified into professional rebounders, serving prestigious institutions like Georgetown, Harvard, Brown, and Yale, as reported by Forbes. Rachel’s net worth is in the millions, and she’s been featured in Fortune Magazine’s Entrepreneurs Under 18, Time Magazine’s Most Influential Teens of 2016, and Forbes Magazine’s Shark Tank 7 of the Brightest and Youngest List.

Rachel Zietz age

Currently, at just 23 years old, Rachel embodies the roles of a student, athlete, CEO, and devoted family member. Remarkably, she has upheld a profitable company while steadfastly adhering to the brand’s core mission and commitment to consumers.

Rachel Zietz’s birthday

Born in Wayne, New Jersey, in the year 2000, Rachel Zietz hails from a family with diverse professional backgrounds. Her father, Sam Zietz, holds the position of Founder and CEO at Touchsuite, while her mother, Sheila Zietz, has built a successful career as an attorney. Rachel is the eldest among her siblings, with a younger brother named Jordan Zietz and a younger sister named Morgan Zietz.

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Despite her youth, Rachel has emerged as a remarkable individual, excelling in multiple domains of life. Her upbringing in an environment with a strong work ethic and diverse career experiences likely influenced her own ambitions and drive.

Notably, Rachel has already established herself as an entrepreneur, student, and athlete of exceptional caliber. Her journey to becoming a successful CEO, with the creation of Gladiator Lacrosse, showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and determination. What’s even more impressive is her ability to balance her burgeoning career with a commitment to her family’s values.

Rachel’s story is a testament to her remarkable ability to navigate the demands of education, athletics, and entrepreneurship while staying grounded in her family’s principles. Her journey is an inspiration to young individuals aspiring to make their mark in various fields while staying true to their roots.

Rachel Zietz Princeton Lacrosse

Rachel Zietz Princeton Lacrosse

In 2012, Gladiator Lacrosse® emerged thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of a 13-year-old lacrosse enthusiast, Rachel Zietz. Her inspiration for founding the brand stemmed from her dissatisfaction with the quality, pricing, and limited choices in existing lacrosse equipment. Like many players aiming to enhance their skills, Rachel was advised by her coaches to engage in “wall ball” and practice her shots extensively.

However, the products she purchased for outdoor use either couldn’t withstand the weather or were too costly. Rachel’s participation in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Program, co-sponsored by Florida Atlantic University and Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, sparked the idea of creating a business that would offer high-quality lacrosse gear at an accessible price, giving birth to Gladiator Lacrosse.

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How old was Rachel Zietz when she started her business?

Rachel Zietz, at the young age of 14, established Gladiator Lacrosse in 2013, a brand that specializes in crafting rebounders and practice goals tailored for lacrosse enthusiasts to utilize in their backyards. Her inspiration sprang from the dearth of robust equipment capable of enduring intensive training regimens.

This entrepreneurial initiative not only filled a critical gap in the lacrosse equipment market but also showcased Rachel’s determination to provide high-quality solutions. Her journey exemplifies how youthful ambition and innovation can disrupt traditional industries, carving a niche for herself in the world of sports equipment.

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