March 27, 2023
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Have you thought to yourself, “I need money now!”

Perhaps you need money today and you don’t know where to turn or what to do.

Fortunately, there are several legit ways to get money and get it fast. The ideas listed below may help you get money as quickly as today or as soon as a week or two.

Sometimes a loan seems like the best option, but I encourage you to look through the list, figure out which of these ideas are best for your lifestyle, before you look into getting a loan.


I Need Money: How To Make Quick Cash

Although there are many ways to get extra cash fast, I’ve picked ways that make financial sense for most people.

So, you won’t find things on this list such as payday loans or cash advances.

These are real, legit ways people get money every day.



1. Sell Your Stuff

1 Need Money Now? Legit Ways to Get Money Today

Do you have valuable items sitting around your house that you could turn into cash?

Why not sell them to make some quick money?

Here are some items that you could get good money for:

  • Tools
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Furniture
  • Antiques
  • Textbooks

If you have any items like these lying around that you no longer need, this can be a great way to make money fast.


2. Get Financially Healthy

brigit - get up to $250 and build your credit

Brigit is an app that can help you get financially healthy in a number of ways. One of the main functions of the app is to help you find ways to bring in more income.

This “earn extra” feature is a part of Brigit’s free plan. It won’t cost you a thing to look for gigs to earn more.

If you pay for the app’s Plus Plan ($9.99 per month), you can use the app’s Credit Builder feature to help you save money in order to get a good start on your emergency fund.


Brigit’s Plus Plan also has extra features such as free payday loans, identity theft protection, auto advances to cover potential overdrafts and more.

Available for Android and iOS.


3. Cash in Your Coins

Are you one of those with a jug of coins sitting in a corner in your room? If so, why not cash in your coins? Bring them into a local bank and put them into the coin counting machine.

When they’re done being processed, bring the receipt to a teller window and collect your bounty. Know that many banks charge money to count your coins.

However, if you use your own bank you’ll probably pay less.



4. Get a Personal Loan

If you’re saying, “I need money” and the options above aren’t enough, consider getting a personal loan to get you through until things turn-around.

Personal loans can be a slippery slope. If you get a loan during a tough time, it is likely you will not be able to pay it back.

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And if you do, you likely will have to pay back a high interest rate which no one wants to do.


However, a personal loan can be a great alternative to using a credit card as the interest rates are typically a lot lower.

For instance, lets say you have a credit card but the interest is 20%. If you could get a loan at only 7% interest, then in essence you are saving 13%.

The catch is that you will need to have a good credit score in order to qualify for a low rate.


So if you have a bad credit score, they do run credit checks in the approval process, so this might not be a good option for you.

A great way to get an online loan with the best rate is through a site called Credible.

Credible will compare multiple lenders so that you can compare personal loans that make the most sense for your financial situation.



5. Do Short Tasks on Your Phone

make quick cash playing on phone

Sites like Swagbucks pay you for doing things you probably do already anyway.

You can earn points for doing things such as:

  • Playing games
  • Watching video
  • Shopping
  • Searching
  • Taking surveys

After you earn enough points, Swagbucks will allow you to convert those points into gift cards from your favorite retailers, or into cash deposited in your PayPal account.


You won’t earn a ton of money with Swagbucks, but it will help you to earn a few bucks here and there and pay you for things you are likely already doing without getting paid.

Right now get a $10 bonus just for signing up!



6. Take Surveys

You can also make some fast cash by filling out surveys on your phone through Survey Junkie.

They have a 4.3/5 Trustpilot rating and you can get paid cash via Paypal.

Survey Junkie pays people for sharing their opinions about products and services.

If you go this route, you can complete surveys whenever you want, whether its the middle of the day or night time.


When you complete surveys on their site, you get rewarded with points, which can then be converted into gift cards at your favorite stores or cash which is transferred to your PayPal account.


You won’t get rich by completing surveys, but you can start earning points right now and get cash quickly.


If you’re thirteen years of age or older and like the idea of making money just for answering questions on your phone, check out Survey Junkie.

You can make money with Survey Junkie even when you’re sitting around watching TV or sitting in the waiting room for your dentist appointment.

7. Deliver Food to People

make money delivering for uber eats

Have you heard of Uber Eats? As a delivery driver, you’ll be able to deliver food to people.

This company is an on-demand delivery service looking for delivery partners with a great attitude.

As with other delivery app jobs, you can sign in as available for delivery shifts at your convenience.

They let you know when there is a delivery opportunity available and you can choose whether or not to take the job.

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Your rate of pay as a grocery shopper will vary based on a number of factors such as the size of the grocery order and the miles driven for delivery.

A typical reported average pay for doing grocery delivery is $15 an hour.

Remember that as with other delivery services, you can get tips along with what you get paid directly from the delivery company.

Depending on which company you sign on with, you might be shopping and delivering the groceries that clients order, or you may just be delivering.


Tips for Making More with Instacart

As with most service jobs, there are things you can do to increase your ability to earn tips as a personal grocery shopper. Here are some suggestions.

  • Shop carefully and thoroughly, and make sure to get everything on the client’s list and to pick quality produce items
  • Deliver quickly and with a smile
  • Set the items in your car carefully, so they’re not able to tumble around as you drive
  • Keep your vehicle clean and free of garbage or unpleasant smells

Delivering for Instacart could be an excellent way for you to earn cash quickly if you like driving and live near a grocery store.

It may not be the best long term solution but it does offer a great supplement to your current income.

Driving people around companies like Uber is great because you can pick your hours to work without any notice at all.


These apps provide rides for people who need to get places.

People like choosing a service like Uber over a traditional taxi service because the service they get with these types of rideshare companies is more personalized and often more affordable as well.


After you get approved to drive with Uber, you’ll download an app that lets you sign in or sign out whenever you want or need to – in other words, you can work at your convenience.


As you pick up riders and bring them to their destinations, Uber collects the money for the ride, and riders often give tips directly to the drivers who provide great service.

If the rider tips you in cash on the spot, you get some money right away, and then the money you get for providing the ride itself is paid by the rideshare company on a weekly basis.


And you don’t have to worry about your safety as a Uber driver. Both companies take safety very seriously and work hard to keep both client and driver lists free of undesirable people.


If you choose to start making cash as a driver, there are things you can do to maximize your income and potentially increase your tips as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about driving with a rideshare company.


9. Sell Your Clothes

Chances are you have at least a few unwanted clothing items in your closet. If you need money now you may be able to sell those clothes and get some quick cash.


Luckily, there are several ways to sell your old clothes. If you have a LOT of clothes, you could hold a garage sale, but people typically don’t have enough clothes alone to do that.

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Here are some other ways people make money quickly by selling their clothes.




Selling clothes on eBay is very popular – especially when you have a lot of name brand clothing. When I need money, this is the main site that I use to sell my stuff.

To get the best price, check out what similar items are going for and price your items a bit lower.


Don’t forget to account for seller fees and shipping charges as you price. Some people find more success when they add shipping charges to the price and offer free shipping, too.

Consignment Shops

If you have consignment shops in your area, you may be able to bring your clothing there to sell.


However, remember that you’ll have a much smaller audience if you sell your clothing that way, so the clothing may not sell as quickly as it might on eBay.




There are online companies such as ThredUp that buy specific brands of clothing from people and then resell them.


Although it is a great way to sell your clothing really fast, you should know that sites like ThredUp don’t pay a lot for clothing and they do have a limited number of brands that they accept.


Selling your clothing could make you quick cash and help you declutter your house at the same time. Make sure your clothes are clean and free of flaws.


10. Complete Tasks for Others on TaskRabbit

Have you heard of TaskRabbit? TaskRabbit is a site people visit if they need a small (or large) task done.

If you sign up to work with TaskRabbit, you might find yourself putting together furniture, running an errand or helping someone with a small home repair such as fixing a leaky faucet.

TaskRabbit clients also request tasks such as virtual assistant work, delivery work or cleaning jobs.

For instance, they may request to have their home deep cleaned before they host a holiday party.

Here’s how it works: first, you sign up to be a tasker on the Task Rabbit site. After being approved, you’re notified by the company of available tasks in your area via their free app.

You get to choose the tasks you want to take, and after you finish the job you submit your invoice directly to TaskRabbit, and they collect the payment from the client.

As with Lyft, taskers for TaskRabbit often get tipped by clients, which could mean extra money in your pocket extra fast.

Your regular paycheck for the work you do for TaskRabbit comes to you weekly.

And because you can pick and choose which tasks you want to do, you get to decide when you are available for work with TaskRabbit.





As you can see, there are many, many opportunities for making money really quickly.

To maximize your income – especially where service types of jobs are concerned – be sure to do your best work.

Developing a good reputation as you do the different jobs you find means people are more likely to call on you when they need help in the future.

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