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Motivation Tips for entrepreneurs (Part Two)

As an entrepreneur, life would not always be a rosy playground. Your projections, plans and goals sometimes may look bleak and without any sign of survival. In these critical and solemn moments, every entrepreneur must have these success-boosting motivational tips.

1. Don’t feel sorry for yourself

When you fail, do not be too hard on yourself. Understand, life will present you with the highs and lows which are necessary to shape you. Therefore as an entrepreneur when your actions and inactions lead you to an unwanted destination, that is not the time for you to beat yourself up. Rise up from the reins, plan properly, involved the right people, seek help and develop into a better person

2. Have an inspiration 

As an entrepreneur there have to be somethings that motivate you to keep going. When your motivation is based on money or on only a single factor, your disappointment will arrive earlier than expected.  Your motivation could be to make an impact, affect the life of people and communities positively or to be a solution. These sources of inspiration must be watered and kept fresh since they will serve as the blocks to fall on when the going gets tough. 

3. Avoid goal-obsession 

Goal-obsession is when you are too concerned about achieving your goals to the detriment of other important things that tie into your success. Think about your vision. But don’t spend too much time over it or it will bog you down.

4. Remain grateful 

“Gratitude is what has gotten me through my toughest moments in business. Whenever I have lost a deal to a competitor, or an incredible employee, or millions of dollars in revenue, I default to gratitude. It’s impossible not to stay motivated or get too down when you’re feeling grateful.” – Gary Vaynerchuk. 

5. Don’t wait to be motivated 

Don’t be an entrepreneur who waits to be motivated before a thing is done. Remain self-motivated and at times you feel demotivated, keep going. 

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Success is attainable when you don’t feel sorry for yourself, when you have an inspiration, when you’re not goal-obsessed, when you are grateful and you don’t wait to be motivated before a move is made. 

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