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Motivation Tips for entrepreneurs (Part One)

As an entrepreneur, life would not always be a rosy playground. Your projections, plans and goals sometimes may look bleak and without any sign of survival. In these critical and solemn moments, every entrepreneur must have these success-boosting motivational tips. 

1. Don’t fear fear

Most times, the great potentials hit a nosedive not because the individual is not resourceful or bright but it is because he or she has been overshadowed in fear and fear to fail. As an entrepreneur, you greatest asset is the power to face hard situations squarely and make something substantial of it. Every failure, setback and  challenge is an opportunity to be courageous and go out there and be a solution. 

2. Pursue the things you are passionate about

Do what you love and you will never work a minute. More often entrepreneurs are not decisive in choosing what they do that brings them fulfilment and money. Anytime you feel down, do ask yourself whether you are doing what you love or you are doing what will fetch you a three-square meal. Great entrepreneurs are people who left their paying jobs with passion and passionately followed their passion into greatness. 

3. Radiate optimism 

Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of tragedies and troubles gives you the chance to strategize and work your way to solution. Every entrepreneur must have an inward affirmation that he or she relies on in disturbing situations. Your ability to remain positive will create an aural of positivity around you wherever you go. 

4.  Turn rejection into grace

Rejection is one of the most painful experience that every individual will always pray against. Whether you are rejected as a job hunter or rejected admission by your dream college can be a huge blow to your balance. As an entrepreneur there would be situations where the people you believed in would stop to believe in you. Situations can get hard when you look around and you see only your self. In these darkest hours, catapult on the silence and leverage on the rejection for your good. The great entrepreneurs we all admire from Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey at a point in their lives suffered rejection. Their decision to turn these experiences for good inured to their benefit. 

5. Keep a closed circle of the right people and connections

The saying ‘show me your friend and I will tell who you are’ becomes more renowned when you are an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, your success depends on several factors and the people you go along with on this journey can do your more harm or more good. When building your All-Star team, seek out people who excel in the areas where you’re not strong or have less experience.

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Success in every field, after all the preparations, demands the will to do. Anytime you feel motivated, disband fear, make sure you are on course, be optimistic, leverage on rejection and associate with the right thinking people. 

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