c029c Matias Messi Children: Does Matias Messi Have Children?

Matias Messi Children: Does Matias Messi Have Children?

Matias Messi’s  children

Matias Messi is the older brother of the Argentinian football player and PSG star Lionel Messi. Matias Messi is known to be very known for his recent issues with the police.

The celebrity brother was recently arrested for carrying an unlicensed gun and was handed a two-and-a-half-year suspended prison sentence for possessing the illegal firearm.

Matias was born on  June 23, 1982, in Rosario, Argentina. · The Messi family moved to Barcelona in 2001.

He is known to have three other siblings by the name of  Rodrigo Messi, Maria Sol Messi and Lionel Messi.

Matias’ parents are  Jorge Messi and Celia María Cuccittini . His grandparents are Eusebio Messi, Antonio Cuccittini, Celia Oliveira Cuccittini and Rosa Maria Pérez.

Matias Messi’s age: How old is Matias Messi?

Matias Messi is 40 years of age as he was born on June 23, 1982, in Rosario, Argentina.

Matias Messi’s career

Matias has worked a variety of jobs including operating the gym “Casa Amarilla” and a restaurant bar called “VIP”

Matias Messi’s net worth

Matias Messi is estimated to have a net worth of $5 Million

Matias Messi’s wife

Matias Messi’s wife is Roxana Messi and their son is Thomas Messi whiles their daughter is called Luana.



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