How To Make Money Instantly On SproutGigs (Formerly PicoWorkers)

Making money instantly online could be just what you need to reach your goals in the make money online space. Little cash like this pushes you to strive for better revenues. Today on thetechpreneur.com, I will be showing you a guide on how to make your first cash from the internet using SproutGigs formerly Picoworkers.


What is SproutGigs?

SproutGigs is a company that offers micro-sourcing services. They also offer chances for anyone who wants to perform modest jobs for extra money. The platform was created in 2012.




You have two choices when you sign up for the platform: either become one of their employees and earn money or hire someone to complete a certain task so you can concentrate on other crucial projects.

The tasks are frequently easy and simple in scale.

The assignments are general and could change based on the demands of the clients.


The registration procedure is rather easy to understand.

It won’t require much of your time and might only take five minutes, tops.

As previously mentioned, as soon as you sign up for their platform, you will be asked if you want to be a “worker” or “employer.”

If you select “employer,” your goal should be to recruit someone to carry out menial work so that you may focus on more crucial responsibilities.

On the other hand, if your objective is to make some additional money, you select “worker.”

You can simultaneously hold the positions of employee and employer.


How do I register with PicoWorkers


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You can register for SproutGigs by visiting their signup page and filling in the relevant information.

Here, one can choose between a freelancer or an employee depending on your objective for joining the platform.




Is Pico Workers Reliable? Will I Get My Money?

Due to the high level that Pico workers has set, its freelancers are more likely to be trustworthy.

Payment is made using PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, and Skrill.

To be able to pay out your earnings, you must make a minimum of $7.

Each freelancer is assigned a rating by Pico workers, which is determined by the quantity and caliber of the work they provide.

You must regularly maintain a rating of 75% or above to remain a good member.

You will suffer a penalty for not being hired for the following 30 days if your rating drops.


Freelancers can utilize Pico workers’ platform to look for jobs without having to pay a membership fee.

Since there have been no complaints made against Pico workers published, and some freelancers even provide documentation of their earnings, it appears to be a reliable site.

You also get to get a $1 bonus when you sign up.



There are various unique ways to get paid on Picoworkers.

In the past, they offered about 6-7 different ways to pay, including PayPal, Skrill, Amazon gift cards, and cryptocurrency.

These payment options are mentioned on their website as well.


How To Make Your Cash Instantly Using PicoWorkers

You can get money with Pico workers by doing numerous microtasks including viewing some websites, subscribing, following, downloading, posting, commenting, writing reviews, and more.

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There are only a few social media accounts and some general requirements, depending on the jobs you apply for.


The majority of tasks only take a few minutes to complete, but there are also ongoing jobs where you can apply for more sophisticated projects, but you must first get accepted.


Although you may easily make 4-5 USD with just an hour or two every day on the site, the more time you spend there, the more money you make.


Picoworkers functions flawlessly, and the support page is excellent!


1. Make a fresh batch of fictitious social media profiles.

The best course of action is to make a fresh set of social media profiles just for the assignments, as the majority of them need sharing and participation on social media.

This is because carrying out these duties via your standard social media accounts would result in you sharing a lot of pointless and “spam” stuff.

You should definitely make a new account on each platform you intend to use with Picoworkers.

2. Install the Lightshot addon to speed up uploading and screen capture.


The majority of the jobs demand that you submit a screenshot as evidence.

Currently, Picoworkers lacks a feature for uploading screenshots.

As a result, you must manually publish a screenshot to websites like Imgur and give the job owner the image link.

It may take some time to take a screenshot, post it, and provide the URL.

Installing the Chrome addon Lightshot will help to reduce some of this.

This extension saves you significant time by automatically uploading the screenshot to a server and giving you the link.

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3. Choose positions with a better rate of success

This one should go without saying.
Low success rates indicate that tasks are rejected more frequently.

Consider spending ten to fifteen minutes on a task just to have it be rejected.

That will be such a waste of time.
Therefore, it is important to only select careers with a high rate of success.



4. Choose High Paying GIgs


On Picoworkers, one can earn as high as 2$ per task. This means that 10 complete tasks in a day can generate between 20$ – 30$ a day. In less than a week, you can make as much as USD 100

Below are some earnings of workers on Sproutgigs (Picoworkers)




What has been your experience with Picoworkers? You may share in the comment section below