Madalina Cojocari
Madalina Cojocari

Madalina Cojocari’s Mother, father; has Madalina Cojocari been found?

Who is Madalina Cojocari?

Madalina Cojocari was born on the 11th of April 2011. She is an 11year old female of white race with brown hair and brown eyes. On November 21, 2022, Madalina Cojocari was last seen on surveillance footage getting off her school bus in front of her Cornelius, North Carolina, house. She hasn’t been seen since. The school received a missing person report for her on December 15, 2022. The last time her parents saw her was on November 23, 2022. Madalina was last spotted sporting white t-shirt, white jacket, pink, purple, and white Adidas shoes. Magdalina is a sixth grader.

Madalina Cojocari’s Mother

Diana Cojocari, Madalina’s mother, last saw daughter in their North Carolina residence on November 23. Diana didn’t report her missing for three weeks. When the police learned there had been a delay in reporting the disappearance, Cojocari, 37 years, was taken into custody.

Madalina Cojocari’s Father

Christopher Palmiter is a 60 year old man married to Diana Cojocari. Christopher is the step father of Madalina Cojocari.

Search for Madalina Cojocari

On November 23, 2022, Madalina Cojocari, a sixth-grader at Bailey Middle School, was last seen at her residence in North Carolina. But it wasn’t until December 15 that the 11-year-mother, old’s Diana Cojocari, and stepfather, Christopher Palmiter, informed the school’s resource officer that she was missing. They were both accused of failing to alert authorities to a child’s disappearance.

When Madalina’s mother last saw her daughter, on November 23, before she went to bed, she apparently got into an argument with her husband, Christopher Palmiter, and the two allegedly left their home, driving to a family residence in Michigan.

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A week prior to his travel to Michigan on November 23, her stepfather claimed to have last seen his stepdaughter, according to a police report.

Diana Cojocari assumed that her daughter was being kept secret by her husband because she hadn’t seen her since that time. She hadn’t seen her daughter in days, but it wasn’t until November 26 that she asked Palmiter where she was. The couple didn’t report their daughter missing until a resource officer from Bailey Middle School and a counselor visited them on December 12 to inquire about their daughter, who had been gone from school for days.

Has Madalina Cojocari been found?

Madalina Cojocari, 11, has been missing for several weeks. Over the course of three of those weeks, nobody even looked for her.

The sixth-grader is still missing after Christmas Day, and her parents continue to deny knowing anything about what has happened to her. Police in Cornelius, North Carolina, however, think the parents are hiding information from them.

Madaline was last seen on the 21dt of November 2022, getting off her school bus as her house and has still not been found