September 30, 2023

Mabel Suglo is a globally recognized social entrepreneur and dedicated, outcome-driven development expert with a fervent commitment to bridging communities with resources, empowering change, and fostering opportunities for individuals with physical challenges and women in underserved rural areas of Ghana.

Founder and CEO of Dignified Wear

Mabel Suglo

Mabel Suglo serves as a shining example of inspiration and empowerment in the realm of social entrepreneurship. In her role as the Founder and CEO of Dignified Wear, she has displayed visionary leadership that has sparked a transformative journey, leaving a meaningful imprint on the lives of both physically challenged individuals and rural women within Ghana.

Dignified Wear transcends mere branding; it represents a lifeline for those often marginalized and disregarded by society. Mabel’s mission is unequivocal: to uplift and empower her community by furnishing training and employment opportunities to those most in need. Her approach is characterized by innovation, sustainability, and a profound commitment to principles of inclusivity and environmental stewardship.

One of the standout aspects of Dignified Wear is its staunch dedication to environmental sustainability. Mabel and her team have harnessed the potential of recycling to fashion-striking, long-lasting, and stylish products. They transform discarded tires into unique and fashionable footwear that not only makes a fashion statement but also contributes positively to the environment by repurposing materials that would otherwise add to waste. Furthermore, they utilize cotton threads, recycled glass, and plastic bottle beads to craft handbags and traditional jewelry, showcasing the allure of eco-conscious design.

What truly distinguishes Mabel is her unwavering devotion to her cause. She is not merely managing a business; she is pioneering a movement. Through her efforts, she doesn’t just offer employment; she reinstates dignity and self-esteem to those who have historically been pushed to the margins. She serves as a bridge, connecting the hurdles faced by the physically challenged and rural women with the opportunities awaiting them.

Mabel Suglo’s narrative is one characterized by tenacity, resolve, and empathy. She has taken the strands of adversity and expertly woven a tapestry of optimism and prosperity for her community. Her vision and influence extend far beyond the products she manufactures; they epitomize a compelling testament to the potential unlocked when passion, purpose, and innovation intersect.

In a world that often prioritizes profit over people, Mabel Suglo and Dignified Wear stand as a poignant reminder that business can act as a positive force, a catalyst for constructive transformation, and a symbol of optimism for those who require it most.

What is Dignified ware?

Meet Mabel Suglo

Dignified Wear is a socially conscious enterprise located in Ghana. This remarkable organization is dedicated to providing training and employment opportunities for individuals with physical challenges and women from rural areas. Their focus is on crafting high-quality, versatile, and stylish products, which include shoes, handbags, locally woven fabric clothing, and traditional jewelry. What makes Dignified Wear truly stand out is its commitment to sustainability, as it creates these items using recycled materials such as tires, cotton threads, recycled glass, and plastic bottle beads.

The story behind Digified ware

The story behind Dignified Wear is a heartfelt tribute to my late grandmother, a woman of incredible strength and resilience who faced the challenges of leprosy and single motherhood with unwavering determination. Her life, marked by the hurdles she encountered, and my personal realization that the label of “disability” should never equate to “inability,” ignited a profound mission within me.

Driven by a deep desire to honor my grandmother’s memory and to provide for my own family, I embarked on a journey to cultivate food crops and work the land to ensure that her children and grandchildren never went hungry. This experience illuminated the path I needed to take. I recognized the immense potential of economically empowering individuals with disabilities and rural women in Ghana, a group comprising over 5 million people, with a significant 25% being those who face physical challenges.

My approach to this mission is hands-on and rooted in personal interaction. I walk the streets, engaging with those who are willing to join our cause. For those who express interest, I provide them with the opportunity to undergo training in the art of crafting shoes and fashionable accessories. These skills not only open doors to creative expression but also equip them with the means to earn a decent livelihood. Our ultimate goal is to employ them within Dignified Wear, offering them a source of income that surpasses what they could earn on the streets. This, in turn, paves the way for long-term financial independence and freedom.

Dignified Wear isn’t just about fashion; it’s a symbol of empowerment, resilience, and the belief that every individual, regardless of their circumstances, possesses the capacity to take control of their life and create a brighter future. Through this journey, we aim to rewrite the narrative surrounding disabilities and rural communities, demonstrating that with opportunity and determination, true dignity and independence can be achieved. This was her story  when she was asked in a podcast with RethinkGlobal 

Mabel Suglo’s Educational background

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During Mabel Suglo’s academic journey, she pursued a Bachelor of Education (BEd) in Health Sciences at the University for Development Studies from 2016 to 2017. Alongside her studies, she actively participated in various campus activities and societies, including Transformation Leadership International,

All for Christ Youth Mission, Students Intercessory Assembly, and the Upper West Students Union. Notably, she held the role of Past President at All for Christ Youth Mission, a non-denominational association on campus, which allowed her to engage in transformative leadership experiences.

Furthermore, she extended her educational pursuits with a Bachelor of Education in Health Science Education from 2013 to 2017 at the same institution. During this time, she gained valuable training as a tutor for Nursing Training Colleges and Health Assistant Training Schools, contributing to her professional development and teaching skills.

Subsequently, she furthered her academic endeavors by pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Administration and Management, General, at Bournemouth University. This academic journey has equipped her with a diverse set of skills and experiences, blending education and business acumen to prepare her for a dynamic and impactful career path.

Honors and awards of Mabel Suglo

Mabel Suglo has garnered a remarkable array of honors and awards throughout her career, underscoring her significant impact and dedication to various causes:

1. Most Influential Ghanaian
– Awarded by Avance Media on January 1, 2020
– An esteemed recognition scheme designed to celebrate the accomplishments of young Ghanaian entrepreneurs.

2. Award of Excellence
– Presented by Returnees Project Inc. on December 1, 2019
– An award that acknowledges Africans, both at home and abroad, who are making a positive impact on the lives of people in their respective countries.

3. Youth Innovation in Sustainable Development
– Bestowed by UNDP/NYA-Ghana on December 1, 2019
– This award highlights Mabel’s innovative contributions to sustainable development, particularly in her efforts to create businesses that align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

4. Ye! Rising Star Award
– Conferred by the Ye! Community in May 2017
– Presented to Mabel Suglo in her capacity as the Co-Founder and CEO of Eco-Shoes, recognizing her outstanding achievements. The award ceremony took place on May 3, 2017, in Berlin, Germany.

5. Anzisha Prize
– Recognized by the Anzisha Prize on November 1, 2015
– This prestigious award program celebrates and honors young, innovative entrepreneurs making a significant impact in Africa.

These honors and awards serve as a testament to Mabel Suglo’s exceptional dedication and contributions to various initiatives and causes, ranging from entrepreneurship to sustainable development and beyond.

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