March 27, 2023
Lil Durk

Lil Durk

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Lil has been one of the American rappers whose contribution to the music industry cannot be overlooked.

Lil Durk’s wife

The marriage history of Lil has become the issue of daily activity. Infact, the American rapper had through a series of relationships. He married to Nicole Covone in the year 2008 and they broke up in the year 2011. He then dated many women, but he is currently going out with India Royle

Lil Durk’s age: How old is Lil Durk?

The American rapper, singer, song writer was born in the year 1992 in Eaglewood around Chicago. He is 30years of age.

Lil Durk’s career

Lil is an American rapper, singer and song writer who has created the Chicago rap Collection called The One Family in the year 2010. Lil strengthened his career by featuring on the Glo Gang label promoted by another Chicago-based rapper, Chief Keef. After bringing out some music labels, he made a tremendous success and released a mixtape called Life Ain’t No Joke. This mix tape was downloaded by 216,000 time on online mixtape. In December 2012, Lil Durk released a new track called ‘L’s Anthem’ which featured French Montana and became very popular. The popularity of his song landed him into a contract deal with Def Jam Recordings leading to his fourth released mix tape Signed to the streets in the year 2013. The year 2015 through to 2016 Lil had been labeled as the best rapper by his fans due to numerous albums he has released. Some of his released mixtapes included ‘300 Days, 300 Nights, ‘My Beyonce’, ‘Lil Durk 2X and ‘She Just Wanna’ featuring   Ty Dolla Sign. Lil had always become popular in the American rapping industry.

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Lil Durk’s net worth

The rapper, singer, songwriter has a net worth which is estimated to be around $3million USD.

Lil Durk’s parents

Lil was born in the year 1992 in Eaglewood, Chicago by two parents namely Dontay Banks the father and Mrs. Dontay Banks the mother. Lil was only 7months when his father was jailed for dealing in cocaine business which landed him to life imprisonment. He was released in the year 2019.

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