Kristi Goncalves
Kristi Goncalves

Kristi Goncalves biography, age, husband, career, net worth, family


Kristi Goncalves biography

Kristi Goncalves is reported by many sources as the mother of one of the students murdered at the University of Idaho Kaylee Goncalves.

Kristi has been instrumental in the search for the killer through his constant pursuit of the truth and going the extra mile to contact private investigators.


Kristi Goncalves Age: How old is Kristi Goncalves?

Kristi Goncalves’s age is currently not known at the moment as there is no report on that.


Kristi Goncalves’s husband: who is Steve Gonclaves

Steve Goncalves is the husband of Kristi Goncalves and also happens to b eth father of one of the murdered students in Idaho


Kristi Goncalves career

Kristi Goncalves career is not known at the moment as there is no report on that


Kristi Goncalves’ net worth

Kristi Goncalves has a net worth of $1 Million.


Kristi Goncalves’ family

Kristi Goncalves is married to Steve Goncalves but sadly lost his child in the murder that happened in Idaho. She has four children; Kaylee who is deceased as well as steve Goncalves and two sisters Autumn Goncalves and Alivea Goncalves



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