Gina Carano and her boyfriend Kevin Ross Kevin Ross Girlfriend: Who Is Gina Carano?

Kevin Ross Girlfriend: Who Is Gina Carano?

Sport is live and we need to know it’s personality.

Kevin Ross’ girlfriend

The actress, model, fitness, television personality and  Mixed Martial Artist Gina Carano is the girlfriend of Kevin Ross the American kickboxer started dating around 2005. They eventually broke up in the year 2008 but rekindled their love in the year 2015 Gina Carano is considered one of the pioneers of women’s mixed martial arts.

Kevin Ross’ children

Currently there is no trace of record pertaining to Ross children’s information. It seems he and Gina Carano are still dating and are not married.

Kevin Ross’ career

Kevin Ross is an American kickboxer. A featherweight Champion. He was first enrolled in the Muay Thai and later went into kickboxing. He is also the former Mixed Martial Artist player.

Kevin Ross’s net worth

Ross has a net worth which is estimated to be between $1 Million – $5 Million.

Kevin Ross’ parents

The information about Kevin Ross is unknown in the public domain.

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