Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy Biography, Age, Net Worth, Height, Wife, Children.

Having a fair idea of some personalities, their achievements, philosophy in life and their contribution to society will one way or the other empower and motivate others also to do more to help the human race. our personality for discussion is Kevin McCarthy.

Kevin McCarthy Biography

Kevin Owen McCarthy is an American who was born on January 26th 1965 in Bakersfield, California. He is a Congressman. Thus, a politician in the American Republican party and a member of the House of Representatives and a House minority leader. Among the three siblings, Kevin Owen McCarthy is the youngest.

He grew up in the middle-class College Heights neighbourhood of Bakersfield. After graduating from high school he shortly attended community college. While schooling, he also worked and earned money by refurbishing automobiles acquired at auctions in Los Angeles and then selling them.


McCarthy used his accrued money to open up a small firm called  Kevin O’s Deli, which was located in a yoghurt shop in Bakersfield owned by his aunt and uncle.  McCarthy sold his business and used the profits to return to college in 1987. To attain his political ambition, McCarthy began his association with an influential  Republican Congressman Bill Thomas who had a huge impact on his political goals.


Kevin McCarthy Age: How old is Kevin McCarthy?

The American Congressman and member of House of the Representatives was born on January 26, 1965, which makes him 58 years of age as of 2023


Kevin McCarthy’s Net worth

After serving in the political arena for over 20 good years, the Net worth of the Congressman is 95 million dollars with a monthly salary of  1 million dollars

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Kevin McCarthy’s Height

The height of the Congressman is Five(5) feet and 11 inches


Kevin McCarthy’s wife: Who is Judy Wages?

Judy Wages is the wife of Kevin McCarthy. she is 58 years of age. she was born on December 6th 1964 in San Diego County, California. Judy Wages and Kevin McCarthy had given birth to Meghan McCarthy and Connor McCarthy. Judy’s parents are Harvey Wages and  Sharon Wages. Judy is an alumnus of  Bakersfield High School.