Kaylee Goncalves's Parents
Kaylee Goncalves's

Kaylee Goncalves’s Parents: Who are Steve Goncalves and Kristi Goncalves?


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Kaylee’s Parents: Who are Kaylee Goncalves’s Parents?


Kaylee was born and raised by two lovely parents namely Steve And Kristi Goncalves the father and the mother respectively.

Who was Kaylee Goncalves? Wiki, Age, Sister, Parents, Boyfriend, Death, Biography & More


Kaylee’s Parents: Biography of Steve Goncalves

Steve Goncalves the father of Kaylee has a limited information about him on the internet. He only came into the public scene after the tragedy, which suddenly occurred on the 13th of November at Idaho University. In the year 2022, four students namely Kaylee, Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle were gruesomely murdered in the university of Idaho. According to post-mortem examination and report, these students were properly asleep when they were attack. The result proves no sexual assault. It was this tragic incidence that Steve the father of Kaylee became well known in the public domain. He vowed in one of his interviews that his voice will continually be heard in the public domain to aid and hasten the investigation. He also encouraged the rest of the bereaved parents to do same.  upon the dead of his daughter, he was asked whether he believes the investigation is drawing closer to yield the result they are looking for, he only said  i am hoping so. Steve is an infrastructure architect by profession.

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Kaylee’s Parents: Biography of Kristi Goncalves

The mother of Kaylee Goncalves information is currently unavailable. But what we have known currently is her direct relationship with the daughter when she was killed at the university of Idaho. And she is an infrastructure architect.

Kaylee Goncalves’s siblings: Does Kaylee Goncalves have any siblings?

Yes, Kaylee Goncalves has three siblings two sisters Autumn Goncalves, and Alivea Goncalves, and one brother Steve Goncalves.


Who was Kaylee Goncalves? Wiki, Age, Sister, Parents, Boyfriend, Death, Biography & More