university idaho kaylee goncalves suspect ex boyfriend dog crime scenejpg 1669224202015 Kaylee Goncalves's boyfriend: Who is Kaylee Goncalves's boyfriend?

Kaylee Goncalves’s boyfriend: Who is Kaylee Goncalves’s boyfriend?


Kaylee Goncalves biography

Kaylee Goncalves, the 21 year old American girl was born to Gonzo Goncalves and Kristi Lukens Goncalves on the 10th of July 2001 in Concord, Carlifonia. Kaylee had a brother and three sisters.

Kaylees education spans from Borah Elementary, to Charter Academy, to Lake City High School and then Idaho University. Kaylee was a tiktok star. Thus, very famous on social media. Kaylee was part of the four students who were murdered in Idaho on the 13th of November 2022.


Kaylee Goncalves’s boyfriend: who is Kaylee Goncalves’s boyfriend?

Kaylee had a boyfriend calledJack DuCoeur. Jack and Kaylee dated for five years but were no longer together at the time. There have been speculations however that he could be the killer as he had a motive to kill.


Kaylee Goncalves’ siblings: How many siblings does Kaylee Goncalves have?

The number of siblings Kaylee has, has not been definite from sources. While some sources say she had three siblings, a brother and two sisters, others say she has three sisters and a brother, meaning she had four siblings, as she was described as the middle child. Nonetheless, Kaylee’s known siblings are steve, Alivea, Aubrie and Autumn Goncalves. How many siblings do you think Kaylee has?

Was Kaylee Goncalves murdered?

The police reports from the investigations show that the four students were stabbed to death, Thus, they were murdered. Kaylee’s father speculated that the killer might have come mainly for Kaylee because she sustained more injuries than the rest.




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