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Is Tech Really For Everyone ?

Is tech really for everyone?
Is tech really for everyone?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you have undoubtedly heard of tech, from web development to data science, the technology field is one that is ever-evolving and if you are as curious as I am, you have probably wondered if there’s space for you


The answer is yes. Yes Technology is for everyone


One thing we seem to forget is that Technology does not exist alone. No matter your career path, chances are technology can help make life easier for you

The tech field is one that is so large because it is connected to everything. Whether you are in the beauty, health or a creative, you can use technology to your advantage


Before you get overwhelmed(because it can be a lot to take in), first look at the field of tech than can help you

For instance, are you looking for data to help serve your clients better, Do you want to improve the user experience or are you looking for a solution to a problem

By breaking down your needs, it becomes easier to figure out which field of tech will benefit you the most


Also, remember to take things one step at a time. Yes, a lot of things come at you fast in tech but you need to focus. Trying to learn everything at once can leave you feeling very defeated because there’s so much to learn. Rather, focus on learning and understanding one thing at a time


Lastly, understand you really can’t know it all. For me, the beauty in tech is that I’m constantly learning new things and everyone is a newbie at something. There’s always something new so you can’t have the mindset of “I have finished learning”- You must be willing to learn and not be afraid of sounding stupid. The tech community is really one of the most welcoming and everyone is ready to help you out so don’t be shy.


I hope you are now less afraid of the technological space and no longer think it’s reserved for the “nerds”.

Jeremy Atus

The author Jeremy Atus

Jeremy Atus is a Media and Technology Entrepreneur| Blogger| Brand Manager| Web Designer| Digital Marketer and a Tech Geek with over 6 years of experience in providing Tech and Media Solutions for small and medium scale brands across the world.

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