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How To Start A Blog in 2022 (Easy Way)

There are many reasons why anyone might want to start a blog. Just like we all have social media accounts, a blog gives an avenue for one to share thoughts on issues, share wisdom or even share their feelings with the rest of the world. A blog is like a shelf, you can always store your articles and content there for others to access or for some personal reasons.


The question that dominates the topic of blogging is how to make money blogging. As the world evolves, people are always finding means to make an extra income, especially from the internet. Even though there are a few people who aim at helping others with free content through their blogs, there is no doubt that 95 out of 100 bloggers get into the craft for money.


The Nature of Blogs and Blogging has changed over the last decade. A few years ago, blogs served as diaries and hobbies for most people. But the story is different now. Blogs are now great businesses with some blogs selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


So quickly, let’s get into some step-by-step procedures on how you too can build your own blog with very limited resources and within the shortest possible time.

How To Start A Blog

1. Finding A Niche

Just like starting a new business, your blog is a business too. Therefore you need to think of an idea or topic that you want to blog about. You don’t always have to look out for what other people are doing. You need to consider your reason for starting the blog in the first place before you make this selection.


If your motive is to make money from the blog, then you need to make sure your topic/niche is something you are passionate about and has a potentially good number of readers. This is because, without passion for your niche, you will drop out on the way.

You can blog around niches like news, insurance, travel, politics, health and so much more.

2. Think Of A Name

Now the next thing to do is to think of a name that best works with the niche you have chosen.

For example, because this blog is about technology and entrepreneurship, I chose thetechpreneur as the name.

Maybe your blog is about travel, insurance, or health. You too can have anything like joetravels or joehealthtalk etc.(just an example 🙂 )


3. Register Your Name

Now the next thing you want to do is to register your new blog online. Getting a domain name is as easy as ABC. All you need to do is get a trustworthy hosting company that provides domain registration services and you can register your domain with them. I recommend because of its support for newbies.

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hostinger homepage

Once on hostinger, find the domain checker link under the Domain page.


On the domain checker page, you shall get a search bar to enter your preferred domain. You shall also have the options to choose from different types of extensions. Domain extensions are the letter that follows your real site name. For, .net, .org, are all domain extensions.


Screenshot 65 How To Start A Blog in 2022 (Easy Way)

After adding your preferred domain to your cart, you can go ahead to get web hosting.



4. Get a Server or Web Hosting

A server or web hosting is the storage system where all your blog posts and the content will be kept. You can get a reliable web hosting service for your new blog at Hostinger at a very little fee. They have comparably the lowest web hosting fees compared to other top companies in their category. And the good thing is they assist you in every step along the way.


5. Choose Your Platform

The next thing to do now is to choose a platform for your new blog. The most popular and recommended blogging platform is WordPress. This is because of its user-friendliness and the fact that it is completely free to use.

Most Web hosting companies like Hostinger have very easy interfaces that allow you to install WordPress on your blog for free and easily.

6. Choosing A Theme (Blog Designing)

As a newbie, you would be tempted to try out themes used on some of the top blogs. But mind you, the goal is to find a theme that you can really master well and use to the fullest.


There are millions of themes on the internet. You can find several thousands of them on One piece of advice I will give you is never to resort to nulled themes. If you don’t have enough to buy a premium theme, you can make use of the free themes that come with your WordPress installation.

7. Writing Your Content


At this point, you can now begin writing your content for your potential readers. You always need to focus on writing high-quality content that would be attractive to your audience. If you want to build a long-term blogging career, then write with loyalty and your readers at heart. If you cannot write these blog posts every time or simply cannot write your own blog posts, then you might want to seek help on Fiverr. Fiverr is a platform made up of experienced talents in various fields. You can easily search for article writing and you will find hundreds of writers ready to deliver high-quality content at competitive rates.

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8. Marketing Your Blog for Traffic

A blog without traffic is like a candle under the table. Once you have put up high-quality content on your blog, the next to take pride in is getting readers to read your content. This is how you make money from the blog and also find some motivation to keep going on.

There are many ways to get high-quality traffic to your blog.

       Search Traffic

Search traffic is the most quality way of getting traffic to your blog. Search traffic is when people go online and search for answers to their problems.

For example, if Jeremiah goes to google and searched for How to Make Money Online and eventually sees my article link in the search results and lands on my blogs, we classify Jeremiah’s visit to my blog as search traffic.

To be able to get search traffic, You need to allow search engines like Google access to index your website while proving to these search robots that your website has high-quality content that can answer the queries made on the various search engines.

       Social Media Traffic

Social media is the next world and by far the next best place to get high-quality traffic. By sharing your article links to your audience, followers, or friends on social media, You give interested readers the opportunity to click these links and access your blog and in some cases share with their friends too. You can make use of social media platforms like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

       Word Of Mouth / Network

Now, you need to start building followers for your blog right from your very own friends and family. These can be your first loyal readers before any other person joins.

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9. How To Make Money From Your Blog

There are blogs making as much as 100,000 US Dollars a month. This means that blogging is a great avenue for making money on the side or even as a full-time job. Blog monetization is the most asked question on many forums that talk about blogging. If you are looking forward to monetizing your blogs with ads, I’ll highly recommend these three methods that I use to make money online.

  • Google Adsense: Google Adsense is undoubtedly the biggest revenue source for publishers/bloggers who want to make money effortlessly. Now all you need to do to start making money from Adsense is to register with them as a publisher. You must visit Google AdSense to register for an account for your blog.
  • Affiliate marketing is the second most popular way to monetize your blog for a passive income. Most companies like Fivver, Payoneer, Hostinger, and more have affiliate systems that enable you to make money by just referring potential buyers to their website.
  • Local AdsIf you offer a particular service or product or know someone who needs help with their marketing, you can help them out with local advertising by designing clean flyers and placing them on your blog. You can charge a flat fee per month, a week, etc to place these adverts on your blog.A platform like Canva can help you design great flyers by using any of their over 1000 templates.

    10. Blogging Advice

Blogging is like a big-time company. It comes with its own stress and hustle. Before you start the journey of blogging, please be prepared to spend money, time, and sacrifice some sleep hours and family time in other to attain success in your blogging career. But above all, once you find your grounds in blogging, the craft becomes lively and funfilled.

You can as well hire me to set up your blog for you or help solve your blog-related issues at a fee by reaching out to me via email:

Good luck on your blogging journey

Thank you for reading this blog post on how to start your own blog. If you have a question, you can leave a comment below.

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