March 26, 2023
Make money on facebook

Make money on facebook

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Facebook money-making is more complicated than just running advertisements and waiting for the money to come in. You might get a few likes on your fan page and earn a few dollars from a sponsored post, sure. However, this passive strategy rarely produces lasting results.


Build and scale your brand intentionally, even if it’s just you, if you want to make money on Facebook. Then and only then will you have the firm foundation necessary to reach new audiences, attract new clients, and keep current ones.


A successful Facebook monetization strategy is the result of numerous strategic choices, including how you build your brand, what videos you make, what things you offer online, and more. When implemented properly, your Facebook ecosystem won’t merely speed up


How to earn money from Facebook

Okay, enough beating around the bush. Let’s dive in!


1. Sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is a great place for individuals and businesses to sell products online. You can use it to display your wares and run Facebook ads to connect with shoppers.

Need proof that it works? Succulents Box added 150 listings to Marketplace to sell off their rare, slower-selling products and saw a 66% average increase in monthly purchases and a 19% increase in revenue from their Marketplace listings.


2. Find a new gig. Did you know Facebook has a section for job listings? Give Facebook Jobs a quick scan to find open positions and freelance gigs for extra cash. Here’s where your personal brand becomes a true asset.

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3. Create Facebook apps. Are you interested in developing and creating apps for Facebook? Register as a Facebook developer and use the platform’s app development tools to build, test, and release apps for Facebook users.

Facebook also offers events like hackathons and developer jams, and provides technical resources to help build your expertise and create awesome Facebook apps.


4. Build a Facebook Shop. Sell products online with a free storefront on Facebook and Instagram through a Facebook Shop. You can sell your own stuff or sell dropshipping products without holding any inventory. You’ll just need to use an eCommerce platform like Shopify to set up a Facebook Shop.

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5. Manage a Facebook Group. Online creators and educators can build Facebook Groups to earn money from Facebook. Kelly Mirabella, founder of Baby Got Bot, connects with potential customers through her Facebook Group, the members of which she sells products and services to over time.


“Build your community and bring tons of value first,” Kelly advises. ”I give more than I take in my Facebook Group. So, when it comes time to sell, I sell out because people know and trust me.”


Kelly also mines her group members for new product ideas. She regularly asks the community what they want and limits group entry to maintain high activity levels. “Nearly every program I’ve built, from courses to full-day intensives, have been constructed in part by community input.”


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