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How To Make Good Cash Testing Apps

Testing Apps
Testing Apps

How to make money testing Apps is not a nine days wonder to those who are magnate in such field but to those who don’t know, your reaction might be”huh”.There are various ways to make money online whether full time or part-time,when I say online, I mean connecting a computer to the internet while in operation or existence, thus people who are connected to you on the internet must feel your presence whether near or far.


The Internet is an ideal and massive place nowadays to earn a living and I am going to show you some proven and easy ways to do that,this post on how to make money testing apps can make you financially sound if only you will adhere to this simple precepts we are going to discuss here, gone are the days when people only use the internet to fraud or scam, now the trend has changed and still changing and one can make a prudent income online by doing petty jobs, this jobs usually take your time and not your strength, it can either be in a form of a part-time or full-time basis as I said earlier.


One of these hundreds of online petty jobs I want to dissect here is how YOU can make money testing apps, YES, you can make a reasonable amount of money by just testing Apps and writing reviews. Before a web or a mobile app could come to the market, it needs to be tested and that is where the development team often hires people to test their Apps before launching it to the public. So, therefore, if you are serious and ready to make money testing Apps, stay glued and calm because you are at the right place at the right time.



Yes, I know by now you are asking yourself, but I don’t have any qualifications how can I become a tester? Being a web or mobile app tester does not require any IT qualification,all you need is a smartphone or a computer, though some developers require testers to have webcam and microphone but it is an option, the next thing to get is a valid PayPal account or a Bank Account, that’s where your money will be sent to.


Relax, there is a menial way to make money testing apps,you don’t have to say much,all that matters is how to express your thought and ideas, like how we sometimes do after watching football or a boxing match. Example of these thoughts and ideas that the developers will demand from you as a tester, after going through a series of instructions are as follows;

  • How will the app be beneficial to the public?
  • What you like or dislike about the app?
  • Is there any suggestions to make the app better?
  • Why are you using certain functions on the app?

These few expressions are mostly what the developers will require from you, and also you have to be able to fit into a specific demographic, such as age, sex, interest, etc,the rest is your wit and smartness and if everything is feasible, you could earn from $10 to $100+ per month by just testing App using the above examples or expressions.


Since you are now vexed with all the requirements, let me quickly show you where you will get the opportunities or the places you can make money testing apps.

1. TestBirds: here you will be required to give feedback on Apps, websites, video games, and electronics appliances,they pay at least $10 to $70.


2.Userlytics: as for this place, what you will need is a webcam, microphone, Windows 7 or other, Mac and a smartphone, You could earn from $10 per test.

3. BetaFamily: here they only test Android and iOS apps,this people will let you take an open test for about 30 to 40 minutes, after they will rate your test, if you are lucky enough and your rating increases, you will receive more invites to test other developers Apps, these people pay up to $50 or more every month.

4. UserTesting: this place requires a new tester to take a short 5 to 10 minutes test before approval, they pay $10–15 every 20-minute for just speaking your thoughts out loud on a microphone.

5. Ferpection: this place also test both websites and apps and one can make some cool $100 every month, these people only need you to take screenshots of your description, feedback or review.

However, I hope with these easy and proven ways on how to make money testing apps, you will now use your smartphone and computers productively, instead of using your internet bundle to download  games and videos for free,you can use these simple ways on how to make money testing Apps to make a reasonable income, though you will not be rich but you can be financially sound and free to buy what your heart desire.





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