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Have You Considered The Financial Markets?


Most people are put to fear by the idea of investing in stocks, forex, mutual funds, ETFs or any other financial derivative one could find on the markets these days?

Surprisingly this wasn’t the case a few years ago when the stock market was in bloom with all its bells and whistles of successful investors and incredibly successful institutional traders?

These days though, much of that has changed and believed it or not fewer and fewer
people are investing in the financial markets.
So what’s caused such a decline?
Well, the answer has many factors involved ranging from artificial intelligence to highend institutional trading data centers filled, with computers performing analytics and issuing trades in a matter of nanoseconds. To that end, most low-income individual traders and investors are left at the bitter end of the markets.

Why? Well try competing with Artificial Intelligence Algorithms running on servers in
datacenters spanning vast geographical locations.


It’s pretty daunting.

Remember, there’s a reason why 99% of traders lose money.
So why would anyone want to consider the financial markets as a source of income in
any way? Can we really compete with the machines?
Well, the answer to this is simple … “We don’t have to”.
In our world today, technology is just as open to institutional investors and multi-million
dollar corporations as it is to the individual investor and average Joe just trying to make
a living.

Yep, that’s right. But how one might ask?
Well, that is where the answer is not so simple … “Study of Data Analysis”
Yep. To be successful at investing in the financial markets in this modern-day and age,
you need to know data analysis.

This means you need to know to program primarily in a language such as a python, as python comes with a lot of specialized libraries aimed at data analysis.
Some of the most famous being:

Numpy — For Computationally Fast Mathematical Array Operations
Pandas — For Data Manipulation
Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow — General-purpose Machine Learning Libraries


Take some time to read a book on data analysis with python. You might be surprised
what you uncover.

Jeremy Atus

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