Gareth Bale and Emma Rhys Joness kids. Gareth Bale's children: Who are Xander Frank Bale, Axel Charles Bale, Alba Violet Bale and Nava Valentina Bale?

Gareth Bale’s children: Who are Xander Frank Bale, Axel Charles Bale, Alba Violet Bale and Nava Valentina Bale?

When your father is famous, you the child is also famous because you have inherited it from you father. We bring to you the facts about Bale’s children.

Xander Frank Bale

Xander Frank Bale is the second son of the all time soccer Legend who just hanged his boot retiring from his career as a footballer right after his last appearance in the 2022 World Cup which ended in Qatar. Xander Frank was born on the 7th of July 2021. The young upcoming child is already famous because of his father’s career as footballer. Xander is 1year of age. Xander is too young to work for us to access his net worth. But he has a father who is a multimillionaire, of which the child is entitled to. The father has a net worth of$150million dollars. Xander was named after Bale’s grand father Frank Bale.

Axel Charles Bale

Axel Charles Bale is the first son of the Real Madrid free kick expert. He was born in the year 2018. Being a male child of the father learning from his father is an easy thing. He has gained popularity because of the father Gareth Bale. There is no information about the young boy’s career and net worth, but we believe he is entitled to his father’s earnings. The father, Bale has a net worth of  $150million.

Alba Violet Bale

Alba Violet Bale is the eldest daughter of Gareth Bale and his wife Emma Rhys. She was born on the 21st of October 2012. She is now 10 years of age. She is popular and famous because of the father who is an all time soccer Legend. She has no career yet but whatever the father possesses belong to her. Hence the child has a net worth of 150million dollars through her father’s career.

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Nava Valentina Bale

Nava Valentina Bale is the second daughter of the retired all time Real Madrid Walsh Player Gareth Bale. She was born in the year 2016. She is six years of age. She is popular because of the father who was a one time goal scorer through free kick. The young girl has no net worth since she is not working and young now. All her expenses comes from the father’s account. The father has a quantum sum of $150million as his net worth.