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Five (5) Business Ideas To Be Your Own Boss In 2019

Today is the 2nd of January 2019, A new year just unveiled itself and new opportunities are presenting themselves already. This is my first blog post on for 2019. Figures of unemployment keep rising, the employed keep quitting their jobs and those who would die to keep their jobs can’t handle the pressure of their usual 9 – 5 jobs. Research last year proved that over 70% of employees are not happy with their lives and jobs.

Imagine waking up to a bright day without having to rush to work in other to avoid being sacked, Imagine having to plan your day each morning and deciding how much work you want to do in a day. It’s no news that being your own boss (entrepreneurship) is the new lifestyle.


Back to my post for today. I am going to highlight on five of the best business ideas that can help you realize your entrepreneurial dream in 2019.


  1. Starting A Marketing Agency

It is no debate that the only way a business will get profit is when a sale is made. Startups and large businesses regardless of size generate their revenue from the sales they make or services they render. Marketing is the only industry that powers all other industries. If you are a good marketer, then starting a marketing agency in 2019 would be the best thing to do. All you have to do is reach out to businesses who need help marketing they products or services, get them a marketing plan and help them execute it.

With the help of modern day technology, you can take advantage of the various digital marketing channels like email marketing and social media marketing. You don’t need a huge capital to start a marketing agency, Your first marketing client is enough to keep you going!


2. Online Shopping

Another smart way to become your own boss is to start your own online shop. There are several online shops that sell at very discounted rates. Some of these online shops include:, and You can as well search on google for the top online shops, after which you can compare their rates and choose which would help your new business. You can now buy from these online shops and sell to your friends and family. To get even bigger, you can setup a Facebook page for your online store, this will help you reach even more people! Visit this link for some fast selling products you can start with.

3. Graphic Design 

One popular means to be your own boss is to start a graphic design as a freelancer or a startup. An average graphic designer charges GH50 – 100 per logo or flyer design. A bank teller on an average takes a salary of GH300 – GH600.

Imagine designing just 10 logos in a month. That is GH 500 to GH 1000 each month with even more freedom.

You don’t need to be an expert graphic designer to start a graphic designing business. Websites like and will give you free design templates to start with. All you have to do is edit the text and colors to suit your client’s needs 🙂


4. Web Design

You can start web design as a freelancer or a business by taking web design training online. There are several online courses and video tutorials that will help you understand website development for free. Just make the decision and take a step. You don’t need all the coding and hard core parts of web design. Platforms like, and Drupal will help you get started with already made templates. All you need to do it edit the text and colours.


5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the act of selling products or services for a particular company or brand and getting paid in commissions for the sales or profit generated from your sales. You don’t have to enter into any strict contract as an affiliate marketer. Several companies and brands are in search for determined affiliate marketers who are capable of generating sales for them. Most these companies are ready to pay up to 50% of the profit your sales will bring as commissions to you. You can do affiliate marketing online or with local marketing means.

Scenario: A web design agency charges GH 800 for corporate website design. An affiliate marketer who directly refers a client to them gets paid GH200 per client. 

Imagine a determined affiliate marketer who refers up to 10 clients a month. 🙂

Thanks for reading this piece.

Drop in the comment box below any entrepreneurship idea you think will be a better choice for 2019…


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