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Featured: Consequences of going through your partner’s phone

There are so many things that make or break a relationship. While mundane things like height, complexion and physical features are important to others,  other people will not tolerate a partner who is too insecure and clingy. 

However, the effects of technology in relationships and marriages can never be underestimated. News and reports suggest that technology has tore some relationships apart while to a large extent it has sustained long distance relationship and enhance communication with its countless innovations. 

In spite of this, the mobile phone which is a private possession can jeopardize relationships is two ways. One, when clandestine businesses are being carried out and are happening at the blinds side of the other partner to the detriment of the relationship. And two, when a very insecure partner always want to go through the other’s phone in the bid to uncover and shady practices. 

These are some of the effects of being or having a partner who always is eager to go through his or her partner’s phone 

It breeds mistrust

The decision to go through your partner’s phone with the intention of uncovering some malpractices is a proof that one does not trust the other. When this continues for a long time, trust is broken and the relationship grinds to a halt. 

It builds up suspicion 

When the practice of invading the privacy of your partner on his or her phone lingers on, the relationship becomes one of ‘I-am-waiting-to-discover-her-rots. Any relationship based on suspicion is a foundation for total shattering. 

Misunderstanding brews

It is obvious that when a secret or unplanned information is revealed when a partner invades the other’s phone, can lead to misunderstanding which can eventually stampede the growth of the relationship. 

Emotional breakdown 

The repercussions of this act can lead to tears, shame and emotional bully. A sudden breakup with a potential suitor can go a long way to emotionally traumatized the other partner. 

Per mobile phone use and etiquette, one must go by the rules that govern it. Mutual respect and understanding must guide every relationship and the privacy of every individual including their phones must be respected. 

Technology is good but do not allow it to breakdown your hard worked for relationships. 

Jeremy Atus

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