Ethan Chapin's Parent
Jim Chapin and Stacy Chapin.

Ethan Chapin’s Parent: Who are Jim Chapin and Stacy Chapin?

life is made up of ups and downs. uncertainty is one of the greatest plight of humanity. As to whether we shall live to the goal set in our minds depends on what tomorrow might have brought to the Human fate. But we always leave it all to the  creator of the Universe. Talking about the Chapin’s family can never be underestimate so far as humanity and entertainment  is concerned.

Ethan Chapin‘s Parent

Ethan Chapin was born on the 28th of October 2002 in Mount Vernon, Washington. He graduated from Mount Vernon High School in 2021. upon his completion, he proceeded to the university of Idaho where he read recreation, sport and tourism management. Ethan was about to graduate when he met his untimely death. The parents of Ethan Chapin are Jim Chapin and Stacy Chapin.

Jim Chapin’s Biography

Jim Chapin was born in New York City in the year 1919. Thus, during the inter war periods. His father was James Ormsbee Chapin, an American artist who enjoyed painting. His mother was Abigail Forbes Chapin, a teacher and writer. Jim Chapin enjoyed playing drums, but never paid attention to that until he was 18 years of age when he was challenged by one time legendary drummer, Gene Krupa.  Jim studied with Sanford Moeller, upon the advice of Krupa. Jim started writing about drum instruction in the early 1940s.


Stacy Chapin’s Biography

Stacy Chapin is the mother of Ethan Chapin and the wife Jim Chapin who worked as a teacher at Aberdeen School. She did a master’s degree from Western Washington University. She was born on December 10, 1968.

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Stacy Chapin’s Family

Stacy Chapin’s mother and father names are unknown. However, Jim Chapin is  her husband with wonderful triplets namely: Ethan Chapin blessed memory , Mazie and Hunter Chapin.

Jim Chapin’s Family

The Jim Chapin family is made up of the wife Stacy Chapin and their three blessed kids ( Ethan Chapin blessed memory, Mazie and Hunter Chapin.

Jim Chapin’s Career

Jim Chapin was an American Jazz drummer and the author of popular texts on jazz drumming. His  first two volumes published are Advanced Techniques for Modern Drummer, Vol. I, and Advanced Technique for Modern Drummer, Vol. II. He is also the author of many albums on jazz drumming.  Jim  liked performing  and toured with a variety of bands.

Stacy Chapin’s Career

Stacy Chapin worked as a teacher at Aberdeen School. She did a master’s degree from Western Washington University.