Ethan Chapin
Ethan Chapin

Ethan Chapin: Biography, Age, Career, Net worth, Family, Girlfriend.


Ethan Chapin’s Biography

20 year old Ethan Chapin, born on 28th October 2002 was from Cornway washington. Ethan was a triplet and therefor had a sister and a brother also in the university of idaho. Ethan wa sknown to be a very sociable person who enjoyed life. Ethan was known to love sports as he was majoring in recreation, sport and tourism management at the University. Ethan was amongst the four students killed in the university of idaho murder case. Although Ethan did not live in the apartment of the murder, he was there with his girlfriend Xana Kernodle, who was also murdered together with her roommates.

Ethan Chapin’s Age: How old is Ethan Chapin?

Ethan Chapin was a triplet and he was 20 years old

Ethan Chapin’s Career.

Ethan was a student who was about graduating and loved sports, be it volley, basket ball or surfing

Ethan Chapin’s Net worth.

Ethan’s net worth is unknown

Ethan Chapin’s Family.

Ethan’s father is Jim Chapin and his mother is Stacy Wells Chapin. Since Ethan was a triplet, he had a brother and a sister: Hunter Chapin and Maizie Chapin

Ethan Chapin’s Girlfriend: Who is Xana Kernodle?

Xana Kernodle, is Ethan Chapin’s girlfriend. Xana was a marketting major student at the university of Idaho. She was an American, born on the 5th of July 2002 to her father, Jeff Kernodle and  her mother, Cara Northington. Xana was murdered together with Ethan and two other friends at her off campus apartment  in Idaho.



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