D. J. Reader
D. J. Reader

D. J. Reader Biography, Age, Career, Stats, wife, Net worth, Height, Family


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D. J. Reader Biography

D.J Reader was born on the 1st of July 1994 in Greensboro, North Carolina. As a player in the Cincinnati Bengals, he plays the role as a defensive tackle in the NFL. He was selected by the Houston Texans in the 5th round of the 2016 National Football League. In 2017, he replaced the retired Vince Wilfork. He attended the Grimsley High school.

DJ Reader is One of the Cincinnati Bengals' Best Defenders
DJ Reader


D. J. Reader Age: How old is D. J. Reader?

The famous Football player in the NFL was born July 1st, 1994, so he is 28years of age.

D. J. Reader Career

D.J Reader currently plays in Cincinnati Bengals as a defensive tackle

D. J. Reader’s net worth

The United State Footballer D.J Reader net worth is $5million as of December 2022

D. J. Reader Stats

The overall stats of D.J Reader in the 2022 season is as follows.

SOLO 16, 150+

SACK     0, 150+

FF          1, tied-69th



D. J. Reader’s wife: Is D. J. Reader married?

D.J Reader is not married yet, but it is presupposing that he goes out with someone.


D. J. Reader’s height: how tall is D. J. Reader?

The height of the Cincinnati Bengals D.J Reader is 6feet and 3inches, a perfect height for his chosen career.

D. J. Reader’s family

Felicia Reader and David Vernon Senior are the parents of D.J Reader. D.J Reader has one son who was born in 2019 and he is proud of that.

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