Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton

Chris Sutton Biography, Career, Age, Net worth, wife and children

Chris Sutton as a person and his contribution to the human race cannot be overlooked so far as our interactions and eagerness to impact society positively are concerned.  It will also be soo fascinating for most of his fans to read about him. Information about Chris will also sparkle those who look up to him as a role model  to do more to achieve their intended goal in their football career and even in the field of TV presentation

Chris Sutton Biography

Christopher Roy Sutton as the name goes is a formal professional footballer who played for  Blackburn, Celtic and Chelsea during his career. Chris Sutton was born on 10th  March 1973 in Nottingham, United Kingdom. A Striker who was named SPFA player’s player of the year in 2004.

Chris Sutton Career


Chris Sutton was once a professional footballer but had moved away from the field of football and is now a TV and radio pundit for a variety of broadcasters.

Chris Sutton Age: How old is Chris Sutton?

Chris Sutton is Forty-nine ( 49) years of age as of 2022.



Chris Sutton’s Net worth

The greater part of Chris’s net worth comes from his football career. Hence, the net worth of the 49 years old Chris is $100,000


Chris Sutton’s wife: Who is Samantha Sutton?

Samantha is the wife of the English professional football player Chris Sutton. Both tied the knot in the year 1995. Samantha is the mate of the retired English Footballer. Samantha is of British descent.

How many Children does Chris Sutton have?

The previous English Footballer and his wife Samantha have five Children.

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Who are Chris Sutton’s children

The children of Chris Sutton are Sophia Sutton, Harry Sutton, James Oliver Sutton and George Sutton.