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Check Out These Five (5) Proven Ways to Earn Good Cash As A Blogger

If you are here reading this piece of article, you probably have a blog, intend to start a blog or know someone trying to make it in their blogging journey. Whichever class you fall in, this post is right for you.

Blogging is one of the most lucrative jobs anyone can do can on their part time and earn a decent living without having to take a step out of the door. People blog for various reasons which may include enhancing their skills in writing, getting exposure or making some cash on part time basis. Popular amongst these numerous benefits and reasons behind starting a blog is money making. The money making aspect of blogging is one of the most searched terms on google right now.

I started my first blog in 2015, and that was when I had lost my last job as a marketing manager. Unfortunately for me I had worked in the company for just a month and my employer decided to fire me on the 28th of the same month because i had requested for my salary on an earlier date. That was when the hustle got tougher. A high school graduate who had done all the dirty jobs in town just to maintain his “Marketing Manager” position just to lose it on the pay day.

Right after my exit from my last company, I planned never to write anymore application letters for employment. I was optimistic that the hustle would get better if I started doing something for myself. My curiosity however ended me in online jobs like taking surveys, filling forms online and data entry jobs. I visited the cafe each morning to attend to my new “flexi” job. I could see dollars on my pc screen and the ultimate goal at that time was to turn those figures into countable papers. Unfortunately, none of such dreams became a reality. I worked on mini jobs online for close to a year from one scam site to the other without a penny as compensation. To cut a long story short, I later decided to try building something to look like these scam sites who kept on killing my online dream. “Not to pay back newbies for what I had gone through but rather to give them the inspiration I didn’t get”.


The first blog I set up was in 2016 and that was the beginning of the real internet hustle 🙂 . Today I have three (3) known blogs with the intention to bring on new ones soon. I have survived in the “internet hustle” with the help of these blogs. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could make good cash from my blogs and this is basically the reason for this long post,to explain to you the proven ways that you can also make good cash from blogging.


First, a word of warning: these aren’t get rich quick schemes. If you are looking for a way to get rich quick by making money online, then you’re in the wrong place.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

In my recent post on five part time businesses you can do with no capital, I sited an example of how Jonas made GH1,700.00 in his first month with affiliate marketing. Jonas had no marketing experience or qualifications. All he did was identify his prospective clients and introduce his business to them. Once his prospective clients are well convinced and become costumers , “Jonas” takes his commission and away he goes because his part of the work had been completed. :). Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Some of the popular companies that offers affiliate marketing services to bloggers include, jivochat, (bluehost is one of the few hosting companies with the highest payouts commissions for their marketers. The company currently pay from USD 75 to USD 100 for every person you refer to signup on their website) So if you get 10 signups through your website in a month that’s USD 1000 :). One popular affiliate marketing partner in Ghana is Jumia Ghana. 


2. Google Adsense (Ads Placements)

One of the top alternatives to Affiliate marketing is ad placement. There are thousands of advertising agencies willing to place their ads on your website and pay you for the clicks and impressions you generate for their ads. Impressions refers to the number of times the ads have been seen on your website. One advantage of ad placement is that, there is a suitable advertising company for you no matter the size of your traffic or niche type. All you need to do is register with these advertising companies and grant them access to show the ads on your website and that begins your journey to earning from your blog. your earnings basically depends on your websites readership and the category of persons who read the content on your website talk of age, interests and geographical location. Some of the top ads placement companies are Google Adsense, MGiD,,  etc. Most of these ads networks have some prerequisites for your blog before it can be approved to serve ads. Please be sure to find the most suitable one.


4.Selling ebooks and training tutorials.

Another smart way to monetise your website is to sell an ebook or training tutorials on something you know how to do already. For example, you can opt to train your readers in web designing, search engine optimization, graphic designing or digital marketing. Your readers are your treasure hence the opportunity to make good use of them. If you are able to offer them a free package that adds value to their lives, hey they’ll be like oliver twist. This time, you can sell your paid training video course or ebook to them at the least possible price. Imagine that you set up a video tutorial on blogging because you have enough experience and ideas already. Out of your average 1000 readers, 100 people signed up for your paid blogging course. If you sold this course for just $10 (GH 45), you would be making 10000$ (GH4,500) for just one training video. If you think blogging must push dollars from your printer or computer screen then please rethink. Change your mindset and start earning from your efforts today.


 5.Partnerships and Selling your ad spaces

An average blog/content website has over five (5) ad spaces. One smart thing you can do is to make these ad spaces ready to occupy ads from various local businesses and agencies around the world. The best way to grab advertising deals from local agencies is to “poke” them and make them fight on your ad spaces :). Surprise on how that is going to happen 🙂 ? Well that is why you are reading this article 🙂 . Let’s take the example below into consideration.

My friend runs a news, fashion or entertainment blog that has to do with fashion. Now he identifies that the available market for his blog is fashion because his content is centred on fashion. Now my friend identifies five fashion agencies in his locality who are likely to accept his marketing proposal. Especially when his blog is a new one, no company or individual would be willing to invest in such a blog. Now this is how to win them. Offer them free ad spaces on the website and if possible grant them free featured marketing articles. Marketing articles are one of the best ways to win a marketing contract for your blog especially if you have good writing skills. now, after submitting these free ad proposals to these local agencies, place their advertisements on the website and give them some free marketing article to make the package more appealing.  Now, sit back relax and focus on your content and traffic. After a period of time, contact these agencies one after the other and inform them that another agency  wants to occupy their ad space at a particular amount of money but you are willing to maintain their ad placement at a discounted rate. Most local agencies would be happy to get this offer once they have seen the impact of their ads on your website. NB: You are surely going to have a few of such clients who would not be willing to grab the offer, but hey don’t let that discourage you. You would find 8 in 20 clients who would be happy to grab your offer 🙂 .

Please share this if you liked it and kindly scroll down to leave a comment/reply if you have any other means of monetising blogs that you can share with us 🙂

See you on the other side.




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