download 53 1 Celeste Nascimento Net Worth: What Is Celeste Nascimento's Net Worth?

Celeste Nascimento Net Worth: What Is Celeste Nascimento’s Net Worth?

If your father is famous you are also famous.  We bring to you Celeste Nascimento’s the daughter of Pele.

Celeste Nascimento’s net worth

Celeste Nascimento’s gained popularity because of her father who was one time soccer Legend who led his country national team to win a trophy for three consecutive times. Whatever belongs to the father virtually belongs to her(Celeste Nascimento’s). It is therefore established that the net worth of her father is around $100million dollars.

Celeste Nascimento’s career

Nascimento is a famous gospel singer and recording artist. In her music career, she worked along with top recording labels and musicians

Celeste Nascimento’s age: How old is Celeste Nascimento?

Celeste Nascimento’s was born in the year 1996. So she is 26years of age.

Celeste Nascimento’s parents

Celestewas born to her father, Pele, and her mother, Assiria Nascimento. Assiria wasn’t the only woman her father had married; she was the second wife of Pele. Her father first married to to Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbiin 1966. 

Celeste Nascimento’s boyfriend

The marital or relationship status of Celeste Nascimento’s is not known to the public

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