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Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online


One of the great things about the internet is that you can go into business for yourself from the comfort of your home. All you need is an internet connection, and you can make money online. Diving into the online world will free you from the daily 9 to 5 grind of a desk job and afford you more time to travel, indulge in hobbies, and spend time with the family.

Another plus is that there are so many different ways to make money online. To start, all you have to do is identify the profitable niche market appropriate for you. After that, there’s no need to hire staff, rent space, or purchase expensive furniture.

Here are a mix of tried and true online ventures, as well as new businesses and niches:

1. Affiliate Marketing

You may already know that affiliate marketing is one of the oldest online moneymakers out there. Here’s how it works:

  • As an internet entrepreneur, you’ll need your own web presence:website, blog, social media platforms, landing pages, sales pages, banner ads, or e-commerce site. But instead of selling your own products, you sell the products of other companies. You can use several of these combinations, if you like, as long as you get your marketing message to the public.
  • Then, pick a hot affiliate niche market; one with many potential customers. Look at social media to ID trends and see what’s hot on sites like Amazon and CJ Affiliate, for example.
  • Provide important content and marketing messages aimed at your prospects.
  • When customers on your digital platform click on a link to make a purchase, they are taken to your affiliate partner’s site to complete the transaction—and you get a commission for every completed sale. The best part is you don’t have to deal with shipping or customer service.

2. Selling on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

One of the quickest ways to get started selling online is to leverage the power of third-party sites. E-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are powerful sales and marketing platforms with a built-in prospect base. Millions of people regularly shop on these sites, and the numbers keep growing.

These mega-sites make it easy to set up shop so customers can browse your products, and there’s no need to build your own website. Also, you’ll find a built-in search feature so that interested buyers can easily find your online storefront. Plus, you get to use the site’s shopping cart. In short, you avoid a lot of the expense and hassle of setting up an independent e-commerce website.

Amazon: With Amazon, you can even have them fulfil your orders. The digital retailer also says there are more than two million sellers on their website, representing 40 percent of all sales.

eBay: With eBay, the procedure is very similar. You simply start by becoming an eBay seller and stay in good standing by making sure your PayPal account is verified, and then you can sign up for your store. These three steps allow you to piggyback on eBay’s reputation, reach, and sales and marketing infrastructure in order to sell your own products.

Etsy: If your crafty, Etsy is where you should set up shop. The web portal is focused on handcrafted and unique one-of-a-kind items and has 1.5 million sellers around the world. And, like Amazon and eBay, you can set up your own online shop on Etsy’s site.

All three of these sites are a very easy way to start your digital career, although you do have to pay fees ranging from $0.99 per item for Amazon, to $0.10 for eBay,to $0.20 for Etsy

The common denominators among all three sites are that you need to use clear, high-quality photos of your products, keep product descriptions detailed and specific, and know what your competitors charge so you don’t out-price yourself.

3. Blogging

Old-fashioned blogging is alive and thriving. If you provide valuable content on a regular basis, you attract like-minded people interested in your niche information and products. Your readers are compelled to keep reading to find out more and buy.

These people are primed to buy your products either via ads or affiliate links in your posts. Why? Because you’ve been providing useful free (targeted) content and people have come to know and trust you.

Also, you make your site / online storefront attractive in the eyes of Google by regularly adding useful information in the form of articles, videos, etc. This results in higher rankings in Google’s search engine so, hopefully, you appear on page one because most people don’t go to page two on Google.

4. Niche E-commerce

As a startup internet entrepreneur, you’re not competing with e-commerce titans or major retailers like Walmart. You also don’t need a warehouse or a logistics system to sell your wares.

What you do need to succeed is to narrow-focus. In other words, find your niche, and stick to it. That way you become the go-to expert and appear high in the search engine rankings.

The most important thing is that there has to be a market for your niche. For example, you might have a passion for 16th-century French poetry, but you won’t attract a lot of readers.

Instead, find the hot trends and markets that are current right now and marry those to your knowledge base. Pay attention to the news, social media feeds, and best-selling items on Amazon and eBay to get a read on what markets you want to enter.

5. Your Own YouTube Channel

Top YouTubers can make millions each year, and that includes 5 year-olds. Take PewDiePie who has made more than $15 million filming himself playing video games. But you don’t need millions of viewers to make money on YouTube.

Some ideas for valuable videos include how-tos such as recipes, unboxing (where you open a product for viewers), food and travel reviews, music videos, comedy skits, and so on.

Here’s how to make money on YouTube:

  • Set up your YouTube channel, the place where your videos will live.
  • Upload videos consistently and be specific when describing the content in your video. Make sure your videos are high-quality and contain useful or entertaining content. You don’t need a fancy camera to get going; a smartphone will suffice in the beginning.
  • Put the word out on your social media platforms like Facebook and your email marketing list. You should also share the videos on social media or embed them on your blog or website.
  • Respond to comments from viewers to create a fan base. Your job is to attract and keep viewers.
  • Monetize your undertaking by allowing YouTube to include ads in your videos. When viewers click on an ad, you split the fee with Google. The more views, the more revenue for you.

6. Selling E-books

The internet has put a dent in the traditional publishing world. These days e-readers are all the rage.

E-books represent about 20 percent of all book sales in the U.S. The good news is you don’t have to be a publisher with deep pockets to get in on the action. As a solo internet entrepreneur, you can sell ebooks directly from your own website. You can sell your own works or sell a public domain work. Simply upload it to your website (or seller account on Amazon) and start publicizing it on your social media platforms, on your email list, your blog, website, etc.

7. Develop Apps

Whether it’s an iPhone or Android, it’s got apps and everyone’s got one in their pocket.

You can’t compete with the likes of Pandora and Pinterest, but you can get in on the action. If you have a light bulb moment that addresses a need that people have, then create an app that meets that need. It could be a new way to store photos or a podcast download organizer.

Don’t panic if you’re not a programmer. You’re the idea person. You can hire people to create it. With the availability of programmers available at reasonable rates, you could probably find someone on a site like Upwork. Of course, the exact amount you’ll pay your developers depends on the complexity of the app.

One thing. You should create your app so that it works on both kinds of smartphones, Androids and iPhones. That way you maximize your customer base.

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Why You Need To Break Up With Your Girlfriend and Start A Hustle’ If You’re Under 25


I gotta start with a disclaimer due to the tittle of this post and the content – aint tryna get my ass kicked by a bunch of girls. My disclaimer goes thus: “Dear Ladies, this is just a blogpost and I didn’t write this article with intentions of you losing your dear boyfriend, I wrote it to shed some light that your boyfriend might not be aware of and not seeing since “Love is Blind”. However, if you loose your boyfriend due to this post, please accept my sincere apology and sympathy. He didn’t deserve you in the first place, So, please follow me on Instagram @DanielDamilolaNejo so I can continue from where he stopped..looool”

If this is your first time reading an article from me, you might think am crazy and this is the kind of content I create but I actually write about Business, Entrepreneurship, Hustle and everything in between but I decided to write this article because it somehow relates to the topics I write about and lets just be honest, you are reading this right now because you know its going to be an interesting article. So, lets just cut straight to the chase and get right at it.

Almost everybody has a girlfriend these days. You’ve got teens from the age of 19 down to 15 already having a “boo” that they “love to death”. I don’t see anything wrong with that since am also a sucker for love, I fall in love every day, lol and I think I had my first girlfriend when I was a teen as well back in Nigeria. (damn! Looking back now – that girl had some potential behind her that I was blind to and didn’t explore to the fullest). That’s one of the things about having a girlfriend at a very young age, you don’t really know what the fuck you want, you are just caught up in the idea of having a girlfriend because everyone does and its gonna be “cool”.  Lets cut to the chase and the reasons why you “might” need to breakup with your girl.

1. Bro, Ho Is Life!

When I say “Ho” is life am not saying you should go around being an irresponsible prick and giving ladies Herpes or some other crazy STD. Rather – am coming from a different frame where the advice is that as a man you need to be exposed to a lot of things that will eventually make you realize what you really wantthe type of girl that is best for youhave quality time finding yourselfand becoming the strongest version of yourself. Let me elaborate.

In my opinion, when you are under 25 years of age, except you are from a wealthy family and you were born with a silver spoon stuck down your ass – there is a great chance that you will still be trying to find yourself and get your shit together. If you are still trying to get your shit together like – education, job and career. Those 3 things are very important for a man to figure out and the last thing you need is someone constantly trying to get your attention and distracting you from what you should be figuring out. I do not say this to mean that girlfriends are a distraction because I know some girls are actually an asset but a lot of girls are “boo attention seekers” and that shit can slow you down.



But, if you are a Ho! That “boo attention deficit” is out of question for you. Since there is no ting (“ting” = British slang for “girls”) trying to constantly get your attention and making you feel like a family man that you are not – you will be constantly chasing your goals and aspirations in life and you will also have a lot of tings on your radar because you are not tied to one and with this experience you learn and understand what you really want from a girl and what you actually like – heck! If you’ve had a girlfriend from the age of 18 or 19 and you are currently 24 years old – you might not even know that you like girls with big ass because your girlfriend – Jess or Rebeca has been feeding you apple sized booty for years. (Sorry Rebeca or Jess – Its nothing personal and I believe some men love apple size booty, so you will be fine)

So, the punchline here is – you might need to break up with your girlfriend so you can have unlimited time to find yourselfunderstand what you really wantknow your taste(because you’ve been around) and eventually get a girl that is an asset and not a liability because she’s also on her path.


2. Bro, Your Girl Aint That Hot!

Girls are gonna kill me for this one but the thing is – every girl that I ever wanted to date back in Uni, I don’t wanna date them now – am way out of their league now (i know that sounds cocky but its the truth) and seeing the guys they ended up dating just shows me they didn’t even deserve me, their taste is wack and I was an idiot for thinking that going out with “Jess” would have been the best thing that could have happened to me back then. Jess aint shit and she aint even that hot, I was just insane and less exposed (guys, I have no girl called Jess in my life. Its just a name that came to me during this post).

I can promise you this guys, if you work on yourself and get your shit together , you will look back years from now when you are over 25years old and say to yourself “Damn! Jess aint even that hot” but, and this is a very big BUT (not as big as Kim’s) if you remain where you are and you don’t improve yourselfget your shit together and get exposed – you will still see Jess and think she’s hot. Trust me, she aint – you have just not changed and you still see things the same.



Okay, lets talk about your girlfriend. I know you know you that I know you know that your girl aint hot. Bro, you constantly see girls on Instagram and you think to yourself like “Damn! Its one guy that is smashing this ting somewhere in the world, looooool. Why cant this be me?” (I know this because I also had and still even have those thoughts, looool!) . If you have ever had that thought or any thought close to that – it means you haven’t gone out a lot, your experience level is still very low and you want hotter girls because your girl aint that hot after all.

So, the punchline is – you might need to break up with your girl so you can go out more and meet those girls that rock your boat (and your like button)

3. Bro, You Are Not Romeo!

Its so easy to fall in love when you are young. Just because Jess gave you some kinda attention or Tola was the hottest girl back then and you had to get her so them other guys and girls can look at you as a rockstar who’s smashing the “hottest girl” and you can feed your ego doesn’t mean you are in love.  You are not Romeo godammit!

Feeding off of my previous point – You need to find yourself and know what you really love and what makes you happy. Its very easy to think the girl you’ve been dating from way back is “the one” and since she’s cool and you guys don’t have any issues – there is no point going outside of the box and you might be in love right? No! You might not be.

I know from personal experience that it can be very hard to break up with a girl that you’ve been dating from way back when you were a teen who you love and she loves you back but bro, its better to face a temporary heartbreak for a greater reward than continue “loving” just because you don’t want to break yours or her heart. You need some experience my man, and she does too. So, you are not breaking up – you are doing you both a favour.



The whole punchline of the post is – if you are caught up in a relationship that isn’t allowing you to find yourselfbecome the strongest version of yourselfchase your goals and dreams, have some fun and you know deep down that you haven’t gotten some experience and exposure in your life and you are just in the relationship because its convenient – then you need to reconsider. There is alot of good shit outside of your comfort zone – you will only find these things if you leave your comfort zone.

I will be excited to know your thoughts below, kindly drop your comments lets talk 🙂

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My Experience In a 9-5 Job & 3 Ways To Quit and Do What You Love.


Don’t believe the hype, don’t quit your job just yet. Be strategic about it, it’s very easy for someone who’s already a successful entrepreneur or someone who doesn’t have context about your life to tell you to quit your job and become an entrepreneur. If there’s one thing I try to do with my videos, blog posts and content generally is to always ensure that am saying it as it is and am keeping it 100, never over hyping and never oversimplifying anything. Keeping it white and black. 

Talking about keeping it 100 – even though I said not to quit your job just yet, I think having a 9-5 job is already a stressful space to be in and if you do not enjoy what you do at your job – this makes it an even harder space to be in. The truth about having a 9-5 job is that during the hours between “9am – 5pm” you have no power over your time, you are literately owned by the company and during those hours there is a very high chance that your actions (if you are a productive employee) is always geared towards the enhancement of the business you work for and not towards you as a person ( this is arguable, I know ) , The control of your time isn’t in your hands, it’s in the hands of your boss and company. Ever heard the saying The man who has control over his time has control over his life?”. There is no better feeling than waking up every day knowing you are a free man, you have power over your time and your life. Trust me, I say this often and I will say it again – even if I don’t make as much money as I would make in a 9-5 job or any job for that matter, as long as am happy and am free and am doing what I love and enjoy doing – this means a lot to me and its worth more than just money. Entrepreneurs know this feeling and can relate with what am talking about. As long as I stay steadfast and continue to improve myself and my business – I will hit it and achieve everything I have set as my goals in life. Am confident about this.

The man who has control over his time has control over his life?

I tried the 9-5 thing once, it was crazy. I only lasted 31 days. The funny thing was that I was doing what I loved, the company was based in one of those fancy buildings in the heart of London (Canon Street), the office space was beautiful, the employees and business owners were somewhat good people, the office had a very social environment and the pay was good ( I mean GOOD ) and to top it all up I was working just 3days a week. Monday , Thursday and Friday. But I still couldn’t breath, to be fair it wasn’t a “job job” per se.

The company is a multi national firm and they had a very very very very wack online presence, their website sucked and it was affecting their brand. So they wanted to re-brand and get a more modern, professional and clean outlook to their Brand. So they reached out to me, after seeing my CV- they were blown away I had achieved so much and had so much experience at that age (I was 22 years old) and we met for a cup of coffee and that was i got in. I normally work with my clients from the comfort of my home office but for this company, the case was different. Since they were a million pound company – they wanted me to be part of their team, see their operations, understand their culture and use my observations to build an outstanding online presence for them. They proposed that I worked from their office for 3days a week and do my own thing the other days of the week from my home. It sounded cool to me, I was still fresh in London, they seemed like a great team and I felt it would be my opportunity to see how the job life was – my time to have a taste how it feels like to have a 9-5 job. So, I accepted their offer and started the next day.

Remember I said – I loved what I was doing, I was basically their creative guy – in charge of their brand identity, the re-branding of their website and everything in between, that’s my bread and butter and that’s something have been doing for years now – I enjoy doing it but I still couldn’t breath like I said – the fact that I had a time to be at the office (8:30am), a time to go for lunch break (12pm-1pm) and a time to leave (Supposed to be 5:30pm but no one leaves 5:30pm on dot, you get to leave between 6-7pm) made me very sick and don’t forget I had a desk and chair of my own. It just felt more like modern slavery to me, I felt tied down and I had to catch the train back home, get home very tired, not able to do any other thing but sleep and rest to prepare for the following day just made me more sick. Remember I said I only worked 3days a week? even at that – it still felt like shit. I know a lot of people who have jobs rightnow will think am an ingrate – have got a job I do what I love, a good pay, a good company and I just work 3 days a week. What more can you ask for you this ungrateful Daniel?

Freedom, that’s what more I ask for. Freedom to think, freedom to pick my own hours, freedom to have control over my time and in turn over my destiny. This is something a 9-5 will not give you, its very easy to get caught up in the 9-5 rat race thinking you are going somewhere but in truth – you are just there to get paid so you can pay your bills, you are working to get money to pay someone else. You have little or no time to think, find yourself, give yourself some break and do what the fuck you like. I wont bore you more with the day to day stuffs at the office but immediately I was done with the website re-brand for the company, I had to quit. I saw somethings in the 9-5 space that made me sick and I couldn’t stand it. I could have been retained or I could have finessed my way to being retained as a full time staff, get a higher pay and start my corporate slavery journey but I chose to quit, shake their hands and return to my own thing where I have power over my time and the things I do with it.

Not everyone has the courage to quit their job and do their own thing because it takes some hard balls to live a life knowing no salary is coming at the end of the month, whatever you decide to do as your Hustle has to be able to sustain you, your bills and your family if you have one and this is what ties and holds people down to jobs they don’t like or they are not interested in anymore. The fear of the unknown and the fear of uncertainty. Trust me, I understand those fears and I think its human that is why I will never tell anyone to quit their job without being strategic about it and making calculated moves. In the paragraphs below, I will be giving you ways to find your new side hustle that you can eventually turn into your full time thing.

(1) Skill = Need = Supply.

Its a supply game. I can’t stress this enough. Making money is always a game of meeting other people’s needs, supplying a demand that is required or needed. And the fastest way to be the person that can supply a need or demand is to be skilled with a skill that people pay for or will pay for, a skill people will exchange their money for. This is key and its not that hard to figure out, is it? A quick example is this – if you are tech savvy and enjoy anything technology, I would advice you to learn and equip yourself with a skill that can be monetized within that field. My go-to advice would be to ask yourself  a question like I asked myself at the age of 19, “What do businesses and people always need in terms of tech to better their business?” and the answer that came to me was “Website and Graphics for their business and brand” and then, I took time out to learn and equip myself with both skills and till today, am still getting paid to provide those services to clients around the world.

It doesn’t have to be just web design and graphics, it could be social media management, video editing, explainer video creations and more, there is no limit. I strongly advice you to pick something you know you will enjoy learning and enjoy providing the service to people. I so much believe in skill acquisition because I can give £1000 today and you will think its heaven and earth but that money will finish and go with the wind, you know what will not go with the wind? Skill, you can use the skill to charge and make £1000 over and over and over again.

So, whilst you have your main job, you can be perfecting your skill acquisition and trying to get clients with it. If you start to see traction and see you can do bad on your own, you can take the plunge, leave your job and become a full time hustler – live life on the edge where everything is on you and you are responsible for how your life turns out. However, do not quit and burn a bridge because no one can walk on water, you always have to keep your options open and be strategic about such a move. Don’t follow the hype and motivational videos telling you to quit your job if you know you are not yet mentally ready, instead put yourself and happiness first. Do what makes you happy but don’t lie to yourself.

(2) It’s Already In You.

Two weeks ago, I had a very chilled Sunday with 2 friends of mine. They are girls, we were in my place all day just talking and vibing. Talking about life, relationship and everything in between from morning till night! (Yes, all day! I haven’t had a whole day like that where am not hustling and its just pure chilling and vibing). Both girls have a 9-5 job and one of them always complains about her job and am always like “Babes, you are based in London, live with your parents, have savings and you are British, you’ve got a lot of things working in your favour and you don’t have any bills or responsibility on you yet. You should be doing what you love right now and figuring what you really want to do with your life instead of staying in your job, complaining like a monkey and doing nothing about it especially at a job you don’t like”.

So, I asked her what she likes doing. She said “I make wigs for my friends and family and they are dope as fuck” , that’s a market she can tap into and she doesn’t even know it, I see girls on Instagram making bank doing this. Another thing she does which is very very dope is she has an amazing voice and she can imitate different country accents. Her Indian and Jamaican impersonation racks me up, so perfect and funny. I told her, you could also build a career as a voice-over artist and stuffs relating to that, you are already good at it – just do some research and find out how you can make bank from that.

This point is important because you do not need to acquire the skill, you already have it and might be overlooking it and not know there is a potential for you to make bank from it and build a career off it instead of slaving in a 9-5 job. You already love this thing anyways, so it will not feel like work to you.

(3) What’s The Internet For?

Seriously, what do you do with the internet? If you were to calculate the amount of time you spend online – what will be the ratio of the productive things you consume and the Bullshit you shove down your throat and brain? We now live in a world where a lot of things that were not possible years ago are now possible. People are now making a living off the internet, becoming millionaires and billionaires just from the goddamn internet and this is because there is a lot of information out there that can make you rich if applied the right way. Even though I say this, I still have to remind you that there is a lot of BS as well, stay away from those “get rich quick schemes” and all those promises of overnight wealth, if something sounds too good to be true – it always is, especially if you do your own research about that particular thing and find out things don’t check out!

For example, I started off as just a Graphics and website designer but now I do more than that. I create videos around my content, I have a blog which you are reading now, I have an online course where I teach people skills and I get paid from that ( I also have a free course too ), I have written eBooks as well – some paid and some free and all these things put together is building my personal brand Daniel Damilola Nejo which is making me an authority figure in my field with track record of work done and value added to numerous lives around the world. I now coach and mentor 100s of people around the world on entrepreneurship, hustle, design and life as a whole. Am not just a designer anymore, am a brand! And I learnt I could branch into all these things from the information I got from some paid courses from the likes of Eben Pagan, Brendon Burchard, Ryan Deiss and many more people I have consumed their content and enrolled on their courses. By the way, I just got into this new internet business thing that am currently testing and having fun with that will also start bringing me some steady income on the side.

Its all about information and ensuring you are using the internet to find information and opportunities that can get you out of the 9-5 rat race. If you do not want to learn a skill or you think you don’t have anything in you at the moment, then you should be leveraging the internet to find new trendy information and opportunities that can set you in the right mindset and frame to get out and become free, live a life where you are in charge of your time and life.

I hope you found this post valuable and you were able to pick one or two things from the article. I would love to hear your thoughts on the the article and if you have any question(s), be sure to drop your comment below and I will be more than happy to reply back within minutes.

If you want to learn Website Design, I have just released a FREE beginner friendly online course that you should enroll on and get that ball rolling. You will learn how to design websites without touching a line of code! This is the link to the FREE course The Puzzle Hustle 

If you would like for me to Mentor you as you make a decision to become a better version of yourself and live a life of happiness, I just opened limited spots on my website where you can fill in your details and I will be able to call you for 10 Minutes where we will talk about where you want to be, where you are and the things you can start and should be doing to get there and we will talk about every other thing in life. This is the link to that Daniel Damilola Nejo Mentorship 



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Self Development

How to Motivate Yourself to achieve greatness in life

how to motivate yourself

Just as willpower is an essential factor in achieving success, at some point in time, discouragement and lack of motivation may hinder you from reaching your objective.

And it is up to you, and you alone to devise techniques that will help you keep that drive within afire.

It is helpful to have visual goals. whatsoever that is you are working towards, make it visual. It maybe something material like a car, or a vacation you have been looking forward to for the longest time.

Take or cut out a picture of it and post it at a conspicuous place at work or at home where you can see it often. So that when you feel discouraged, this will remind you of your goal and will help you keep your spotlight.

Make a contract with oneself. According to motivational researches, people who write down to-do-lists are far more triumphant in achieving their intended goals than those people who just keep mental lists instead.

Putting something in writing somehow makes it more powerful psychologically speaking. This may also be the basis why most cultures have such a high regard in honoring contracts.

In the contract, you may also include a certain reward that you will give yourself once you have accomplished the task.

After all, everyone likes to be rewarded for completing a good job. Even a simple pat on the back, “good job”, or “thank you” may do the trick to give the person the additional push to carry on, but unfortunately, these may not always be readily available.

Considering that these are also essential in keeping oneself motivated, you must learn to find a way to get that encouragement on your own through pleasing yourself.

Abusive people lower your self-esteem and bring you down. Get these negative people out of your life. Surround yourself with positive people. Imitate their example. Smile amply and think happy thoughts.

These will give you a brighter outlook and lets you see a clearer picture of what you really want and a fresh mind to know what steps to take to get there.

Rather than wait for things to happen, try to be proactive and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Inactivity idles the brain and stagnates your potential to reach your goals.

Read inspirational books and literature. These will help you improve your attitude and heal your mind. A book of success stories also proves to be encouraging.

You will not only learn from others’ experiences and derive confidence boosting insights from them but the story will be instrumental in motivating you to go for your goal and move ahead with your plans. If this still seems to falter, get training or education.

Oftentimes, not knowing how or where to start is frustrating. Knowledge is power. Having a clear understanding of how and where to start is empowering and it will provide the extra drive needed to hit the mark you are aiming at and follow it through.

Having enumerated all these tips and tricks to attain self-motivation, but still you seem to feel lacking that much needed drive, there is one last thing that you must try.

Whatever it is that you have been meaning to do, or wanting to achieve, JUST DO IT! Keep on aiming high and go for it! Actually getting your hands dirty best solves the problem of motivation. By “forcing” yourself to just do it, your momentum will pick up gradually as you go along and before you know it you have finished the task or have finally achieved your goal. Divide and conquer is the key.

Break down the apparently unattainable activity to small doable steps. Not only does it become less overwhelming, but seeing the “in the meantime” results will further your confidence that it can indeed be done.

Lack of motivation happens to us all, but if you do not encourage yourself to accept opportunities and be challenged, no one else will. It is most important to keep your eye on the goal, find ways to keep going, and in no time, you shall reap its benefits.

And if at the beginning you were just doing it for the material reward, you will also learn to realize that the fulfillment, satisfaction and self-achievement you derive from reaching your goal is a much enjoyable high that will keep the drive within constantly burning.

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Self improvement advice: Techniques you can adapt for a happy life


There are particular moments in life that when you wish you could depend on anybody’s self improvement advice. But even if they gave it to you with the best intentions, in case anything goes wrong, you are always going to blame those persons.

That is why specialists strongly advise you, every time you find yourself at a crossroads, to always take the decisions by yourself.

The question arising is: how can we know how to take it and which is the best solution?

No matter how young or old you are, you must have gotten to a point in your life when you have to take a big decision, which will probably affect your entire existence.

There is no doubt that there are certain moments in life when you feel helpless and disoriented and believe you could use some self improvement advice in order to figure out how to proceed with your life.

The answer is never simple. However, there is one self improvement advice that can be of great help and employed regularly will have great results.

It is called meditation and it has been used for centuries in certain rituals and by ancients civilizations. Even in old and famous books, like the Bible, people are invited to meditate, to discover and fight the evil in us and by knowledge to gain control over our decisions and our lives.

How do we proceed when meditating?

First of all, you need to be away from any source of distraction. You cannot analyze your deepest feelings and thoughts and watch a movie at the same time.

Secondly, you need to ask yourself a series of questions that will help you to better determine who you really are. The questions should relate to everyday aspects.

What do you like doing?

What made you most proud of yourself during your entire life?

What is it that you always wanted to do and you never found the time?

What role does money play in your life?

What is it more important for you, you family life or your career?

How much do you depend on others?

If you are worried about a certain decision, let all the questions be related to that issue. If you are just confused when asking the questions, think about the common topics that one has to deal with during his life.

Do not forget to write down the answers. Try to concentrate and to be sincere. After all, nobody will judge you.

All these questions will help you determine exactly where you stand and what is it that you want form life. All you have to do is to get the right interpretation of your own replies.

In order to do that, help yourself to a coup of tea or your favorite coffee and take the time to analyze them thoroughly. Mark with a red pen whatever you find pride worthy answers and with a black one the things that do not make you proud.

Post the list somewhere where you can see it more than once a day, or post it in more than one place.

You will notice that, step by step, even unwillingly, the black things on your list will start turning red. Do not forget to renew the list when most of it has turned red! It is the best way to always be aware what your expectations from life are.

Take this simple self improvement advice and see the positive results for yourself.

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Did you know the benefits of innovation, here is how they can improve your life


Did you know the benefits of innovation, here is how they can improve your life

It’s a talent that everyone has, yet they think they don’t. The power of innovation. If you’ve ever marveled at somebody’s creative prowess, guess what, you can create and innovate too.

It just takes time. Everyone is born creative. The box of crayons in kindergarten were not limited to those who possessed potential; because the truth is, everybody has potential.

You know how long it took to learn to ride a bike or drive or to never commit the same mistake again? It’s the same with innovation. It takes a bit of practice and a lot of time before this mind function comes easily when called. This article will teach you a few tips on how to bring innovation into your life.

Don’t listen to what other people say. Follow the beat of your own drum. Allowing for the input of other people will only bring cacophony to the music you are trying to make.

If you have an original idea, don’t waste your time and effort trying to make people understand. They won’t. And the help you will probably get comes in the form of negative feedback. If all those geniuses listened to their peers, we would probably still be living in the middle ages.

Spend time on it. I cannot stress that enough, although, please do not mistake this tip to tell you to quit your day job entirely. Do not. This involves some tricky time management but with a little discipline you’ll be able to squeeze both in.

Exercise. Take a walk. Run a mile or two. Send all those endorphins coursing through your veins. Exercising certainly clears and relaxes your mind and allows for anything to pop up.

Record your dreams. Aren’t some of them just the craziest things that your conscious mind would never have thought of? If you’ve had these dreams before, and I’m sure have, this only shows you the untapped innovative power you have lying within. So jot down those notes. Those dreams may just create an innovative spark in you.

Find your own style. You can always tell a Van Gogh from a Matisse. You’ll know Hemingway wrote something by the choice of words on the paper. So it is the same with you.

People will appreciate your innovation more because it is uniquely yours and that no one else would have thought of what you were thinking. That will let people see how valuable an asset you are.

Don’t hide behind nifty gadgets or tools. You don’t need the most expensive set of paints to produce a masterpiece. The same way with writing. You don’t need some expensive fountain pen and really smooth paper for a bestseller.

In fact, J.K. Rowling wrote the first book of the Harry Potter Series on bits of tissue. So what if you’ve got an expensive SLR camera if you’re a crappy photographer?

Who cares if you’ve got a wack laptop if you can’t write at all? The artist actually reduces the number of tools he has as he gets better at his craft: he knows what works and what doesn’t.

Nothing will work without passion. What wakes you up in the mornings? What keeps the flame burning? What is the one thing that you’ll die if you don’t do? Sometimes people with talent are overtaken by the people who want it more.

Think the hare and the tortoise. Ellen Degeneres once said that if you’re not doing something that you want to do, then you don’t really want to do it. And that’s true.

Sometimes you just want something so bad you become a virtual unstoppable. And that is passion. Passion will keep you going.

Don’t worry about inspiration. You can’t force it; inspiration hits when you least expect it to, for those unpredictable yet inevitable moments you should prepare.

An idea could strike you on the subway, yet alas, you poor unfortunate soul; you have no sheet of paper to scribble down a thought that could change the world. Avoid these disasters. Have a pen and paper within your arm’s reach at all times.

I hope this article has helped you bring more innovation into your life.

Keep in mind that you’re doing these things for your own satisfaction and not anybody else’s. But soon enough they will notice, and everything should snowball from there.

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These 22 brutal truths about life are difficult to hear but they’ll make you a much better person


When someone finally sits you down and tells you the cold hard truth, it can be difficult to hear.

But if you want to get most of our life, you need to get to the heart of the matter and cut the crap out of your life so you can focus on what’s actually important.

Here are 22 brutal truths about life no one wants to admit but they’ll make you a much better person when you do.

1) Nobody Cares

Are you in pain? Are you suffering? Have you lost something or someone dear to you?

Guess what? Everything you have ever felt has already been felt by everyone else around you.

It’s time to realize that your pain isn’t special; it’s just part of being alive. No one cares.

2) Don’t Waste Your Talent

We weren’t all born with talent. If there’s anything inside of you that says, “I’m good at doing this,” then you need to make your life about doing this. If you throw it away, you throw away everything.

3) Stay Responsible

Who controls your thoughts, your words, your actions? You do. If you do something bad or hurtful or wrong, it’s your fault. Stay responsible for everything you represent.

4) Death is Final

Stop worrying about death or worrying about being remembered. Death is death—when you’re gone, you’re gone. Live before you have to go.

5) Embrace Your Emotions

Stop running from your fears, anxieties, and pains. Admit that you are flawed and you feel things you don’t want to feel, and then feel them. The sooner you do, the sooner you can move on.

6) You Can’t Make Everyone Your Friend

Stop trying. Make sure you make the most important person in the world your friend: yourself.

7) Value Comes From Time, Not Money

Don’t let money stand in your way from living your life. You don’t need a wallet full of bills to make the most out of your day. All you need to give yourself and those around you is time.

8) Don’t Actively Search for Happiness

Happiness is everywhere. In every laugh, every smile, every “Hello”. Stop ignoring the happiness vibrating all around you in your search for a “greater” happiness. This is it, right here: enjoy it.

9) Money Won’t Bring You Happiness

If you aren’t happy on the inside, no amount of fortunes could make you happy. Happiness comes from the heart.

10) Everyone Around You Will Someday Die

Don’t make your life about grieving over others and worrying about the day they’ll lay down and die. Death is a part of life; live life while you have it.

11) Money Won’t Go with You to the After Life

You know all those long nights you spent building your fortune, ignoring your health, your loved ones, and your life? When you die, those nights will be for nothing, because that money can’t be used after you die.

12) Don’t Forget Who You Are

Remember the you who lives in the place beyond your anxieties, stresses, and worries. The you who defines who you really are, surrounded by what makes you smile and what makes you passionate. Remember that “you” always.

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Five (5) common mistakes to avoid as a salaried worker

salaried worker

So many times, you may find yourself in the position where employment becomes the only option and a salary as your prime source of income. The sweet part of having to work under a boss or for a company is that you don’t get to work out everything all by yourself. You may work with a team and just play the part that you were brought onboard to do. Once you get your part done, you are good to take your salary on the pay day.


Unlike entrepreneurs who swallow both profits and losses, the ordinary employee or salaried worker enjoys only getting paid and nothing else.Whether the company gains or loses, the agreement is to get paid for the work done.


Even though the normal 9-5 salary work can be somewhat appealing and risk-free, there are some commons mistakes many employees do that usually render them broke until retirement and sometimes till death.


Mistake Number 1:  Overspending or borrowing ahead of your payday

Human needs can never be met no matter how content one may be. No matter how much your salary maybe, don’t overspend or borrow before your pay day. Salaries are meant to be spent throughout the month ahead and as such your salary expenditure must be based on your budget after salary payment. If you over spend or borrow, you may get broke before you get paid and as such you have to adjust your expenditure for the month ahead. This we all know will make you stranded for the entire month.


Mistake Number 2: Making your salary your only source of income.

The experience of having one source of income is a very tough one especially when you are on a slim budget every month because you just finished high school or university and found one local agency to grant you an  employment.

You can be working but you still have to depend on someone especially your parents, friends or maybe your partner to get some basic needs for yourself before your pay day. The hustle can get better if you find a good part time or work  from home job that can randomly drop some coins or papers in your account balance each time. There are lots of part time jobs to choose from especially in the millennial generation where internet work is very easy to come by. But hey, beware not to get scammed by anyone in your quest to find a part time job. The best way to get your own online business or part time local business is to learn a skill that can earn you commercial value. For example: you can learn website designing,graphic designing,social media marketing or search engines optimization if you have basic i.t knowledge, you can learn to sew, shop online and sell in bits to your friends and people around you, etc.

Mistake Number 3: Compromising on your job security.

One key factor to take into consideration all the time as an employee is your job security or insurance. Just like the government, at any point in time when your employer feels that he/she is making low profits on his/her investments (which include salary payments), the only alternative in reducing his/her inputs to correlate her outputs (profits) is to lay off some of his/her employees. The only time you get is a three months notice or less (and that is only if you find yourself in a good institution that follows the labour laws of the country).

If you are lucky to find yourself in a somewhat good institution where profits keep growing and your boss growing some pot belly (sorry if you are a boss reading this lol 🙂 ) then that’s your luck but hey, don’t forget that incidents and accidents may slide in anytime and your job security is still not assured. We always have to remember that your job security lies in the hands of one person or incident hence the need to get it insured by finding an alternative job or skill to supplement your income should the unfortunate happen.


Mistake Number 4: Failing to Upgrade Yourself

The world is moving at a faster pace, and you may get lost anytime soon if you don’t join the race. Your qualifications, ideas and skills are what keeps you in your current job position. There is therefore the urgent need to upgrade your ideas, qualification and knowledge to meet the ever changing demands of your employer before you become a liability on your employer.


Mistake Number 5: Relaxing Comfortably in your current position

The world is a bigger place with lots of amazing places to see once you have lived on the planet earth. Your family can’t afford to see you every now and then spending good times with them. Your current employment position should be a stepping stone to reaching your physical, financial and emotional goals. Don’t settle for the mediocre, there is a potential in you that the world must see as well. Use your current position to build on your skills in other to start your own dream with enough ideas and skills. That is when you realize the feeling of having to control your own time and destiny. The future is in your hands, don’t fall for mediocrity, you deserve better than that.

Please don’t hesitate to drop your comments and suggestions below if you have any. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.


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Here are the top 10 books every entrepreneur should read

top 10 books

“Think & Grow Rich” is one of those books that teaches timeless lessons anyone can apply, both in business and in life.

  1. Originally published back in 1937, this book tells us the principles, habits, and secrets of some history’s most successful business people: Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and many more.

    This book is a collection of lectures delivered by billionaire investor and founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, during his teaching years at Stanford.

    Along with co-author (and former student) Blake Masters, Thiel has put together a hard-hitting set of standards for entrepreneurs, startups, and thought-leaders to carefully consider when building a business that’s aimed at shaping the future of our society.

    In this book, author Simon Sinek lays out actionable insights about why leaders need to replace the old “carrot & stick” models of management with more sustainable approaches, that are grounded in empathy and designed to boost engagement and a sense of camaraderie that’s missing in the modern workplace…

    Pick this book up if you plan on — or already are — leading a business that’s comprised of teams of people that depend on working together in order to succeed.

    Successful businesses are built by successfully selling quality products, programs, and/or services to large numbers of loyal customers.

    Successfully selling to these customers requires an individual to possess the knowledge + skills of effectively influencing “browsers” into becoming “buyers.” In his landmark book, “Influence”, Robert Cialdini breaks this down to a science (literally).

    In the book, you’ll learn about “The 6 weapons of influence” and how to utilize them in order to persuade prospects + people to buy using science-backed psychological triggers found within all of us.

    As entrepreneurs, we want the best for our businesses. We want our business to thrive. To grow. To expand. To prosper… and sometimes, we get so caught up in make all of this happen, we forget about why we start the darn business in the first place.

    Before we know it, we’ve created a job for ourselves rather than a self-sustaining business. In “The E-Myth Revisited”, author Michael Gerber helps us approach our business as a business — not a job.

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for couple of decades, chances are you’ve heard of “The 7 Habits” by the late great Stephen Covey — but have you actually read it and put it to use as a business book.

    If not, then now’s the time to consider doing that. The power of this book comes from the time-less principles (or habits) it’s based off of.

    Each of the habits laid out in this book are designed to act as individual prescriptions for effectiveness in every area of life: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially, too.

    Are you interested in getting ahead and getting the edge in life — without having to sacrifice your integrity to do it? If yes, then this is your book.

    “Never Eat Alone” is a classic book on connecting with others, and must-read for anyone living in the current connection economy.

    As author Keith Ferrazzi says in the book, “Success in any field, but especially in business is about working with people, not against them.”

    You can have some of the greatest, most innovative ideas in the world — and have every single one of them flop due to a lack of ability to EXECUTE.

    If you lack the willingness + capability to get things done with effectiveness + efficiency, it doesn’t matter how great your ideas are because when it’s all said and done, success depends upon consistent action.

    Lucky for us, here to help us close out this essential list of business books is David Allen’s “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”.

    If you’re interested in learning the mechanics of what goes into designing habit-forming products, then this book is for you.

    In this book, author Nir Eyal breaks down the ingredients of a habit-forming product, and uses supporting examples to clarify his points, so that you can really learn how to implement the triggers that popular apps like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter have used in order to get us “hooked” on their products.


    Want to learn how to leverage exponential technologies to accelerate growth like you’ve never seen before? “Bold” is the business book for you.

    In this powerful book, you’ll learn about using exponential technologies, moonshot thinking, and crowd-powered tools to create extraordinary WEALTH while you make a difference in this world.

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How to quit procrastinating and ‘do it now’


One way or the other, we seem to continuously procastinate things we should do at a particular time and end up mostly in rush-hours trying to deal with the same task we could have accomplished when there was ample time. This sometimes leads us to doing things shabbily realizing the consequences can be detoriating.

I am going to show you five amazing hacks to deal with procastination and ‘do it now’.

Create a To-do List & Tackle Your Hardest Tasks First

To-do lists are the single best solution for making sense of your work and daily life.

Organization and scheduling is much easier if you’ve got a daily, weekly, or monthly to-do list as your point of reference. Most of the time, you’ll spot your least favorite tasks at the very bottom of your to-do list. The trick to getting these done is simply moving them to the top.

Measure Time Spent on Various Tasks

One of the best methods to stop wasting time is to start measuring it. Record how many hours you spend on various activities during your day and put them all into a chart.

Every time you look at this chart, you’ll want to keep it moving in the right direction. That’s how you get a powerful motivation boost for your work. If you procrastinate, you’ll see its consequences right in front of you.

If you’re facing a series of things you absolutely need to do but don’t enjoy, create a chart to keep track of the time you spend on working towards their completion. This anti-procrastination technique is excellent if you’re having a bad week and can’t find the motivation for tackling the hardest or dullest tasks in your schedule.

Set a Timer

If you need to complete a short mindless task, set a timer to ensure that you get it done as quickly as possible.

Create a specific window of time and you’ll be challenged to keep your focus throughout the activity. This way you’ll also get to more pleasant tasks sooner.

Focus on Your Task

If you think that getting over with a task as quickly as possible is a measure against procrastination, you’re making a huge mistake. This kind of attitude actually prevents people from getting started at all.

Instead of thinking about all things you could be doing instead of this one, focus and do your best to complete it as efficiently as you can. Who knows, maybe you’ll start enjoying it in the process?


Quit Procrastinating !

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