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Business Tips: Marketing And Advertising, What You Should Know

A  lot of the times, entrepreneurs, digital marketers  and traditional marketers find it difficult differentiating between marketing and advertising.  Marketing and advertising are fuzzy disciplines to begin with – ask 20 experts what the difference between the two is, and you’ll get 20 diverse responses. Much of the business world stirs marketing and advertising together in one big basket of methods to get products to prospects and clients. For professionals implementing marketing and advertising initiatives, however, it is important to understand that the terms are not synonymous.

Advertising is just one component, or subset, of marketing. Public relations, media planning, product pricing and distribution, sales strategy, customer support, market research and community involvement are all parts of comprehensive marketing efforts. As you market your company and its products or services, keep in mind all the facets that work together to constitute marketing: Marketing engages clients and prospects with the brand, product or service and get them convinced enough to get on without thinking otherwise. Most prominent Digital Marketers find marketing more suitable than Advertising in the sense that advertising holds very less chances of generating leads for a company.

From my own terms, advertising is suitable for creating brand awareness whiles marketing is suitable for brand engagement and lead generation.  Whichever way, advertisements when well planned can generate some leads but not to the level of what marketing can offer. Let’s take the scenario below into consideration.

I live in the capital with a huge population, organizations,companies and more. I am able to get every product and service delivered right to my doorstep. One morning, I wake up and I feel the urge to register for an insurance policy. There are a lot of insurance companies in my city but my schedule won’t allow me to visit any. Now the very day I decided to sign up for a policy, I see an insurance agent by the street. From the look of things I could see that the agent works for an agency that has just started not long ago. By the same street, I see the billboard of one of the best and notable insurance companies in my township. Now, which of these agencies am I tempted to sign up with?

The agent by the street. This is because an insurance policy is a long term relationship and as such i need in depth understanding about what i am going into. Most people just like me can easily relate with brands that considers engagements. I am easy to fall in love with a product or service that offers amazing brand engagement.

So the next time you want to promote your business or brand, as yourself these question.

Am I creating awareness or generating leads (engagements). ?

Why does google adsense pays higher for clicks than impressions?

Why does facebook charge high per ad engagement?

The answer is engagements are what generate leads(revenue).

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