Black History Month Black History Month: Why is it celebrated?
Graphic about African-American History Month. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Senior Airman Kiana Pearson)

Black History Month: Why is it celebrated?

Black History Month was established to highlight the contributions of African Americans to the United States. 
It commemorates all Black people throughout American history, from the first enslaved people brought over from Africa in the early 17th century to African Americans living in the United States today. 
President Ronald Reagan issued Presidential Proclamation 5443, stating that the “primary goal of Black History Month is to make all Americans aware of this struggle for freedom and equal opportunity.” 
This proclamation went on to say that this month was time to “celebrate the many accomplishments of African…

Why do they call it Black History Month?

On February 7, 1926, Woodson established the first “Negro History Week” to commemorate and raise awareness of Black history. 
According to Texas A&M University Afro-American history professor Albert Broussard, this became month-long celebration in 1976, and was renamed Black History Month. 
8 Ways to Honor Black History Month
  1. Support Black-Owned Businesses: …
  2. Learn About Noteworthy Black Figures and Their Contributions: …
  3. Donate to Charities That Support Anti-Racism Equity and Equality: …
  4. Purchase, Read, and Share Books by Black Authors: …
  5. Support and Learn About Black Women:



Black History Month is about celebrating and sharing knowledge; about celebrating the contributions black people have made to freedoms, culture, and society – from books, music, and art, with authors like Malorie Blackman, musicians like Arlo Parks, and scientists like Maggie Aderin-Pocock, there are many great…3 Oct 2022

Black History Month (UK) 2023 in the United States will begin on
Wednesday, 1 February
and ends on
Wednesday, 1 March


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Why was February chosen as Black History Month?

Every February, the United States recognizes the contributions and sacrifices of African Americans who helped shape the country. The month of February was chosen primarily because it coincides with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. 1 Feb 2022


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