bhanu Bhanu Ahluwalia Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wife

Bhanu Ahluwalia Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wife

Now to the field of technology…………………

Bhanu Ahluwalia biography

Bhanu Ahluwalia is the manufacturer and the inventor and brain behind the Rank Math and MyThemshop. He is one of the social media gurus who always surf through the social media and like blogging. Bhanu graduated from the International Institute of Technology Training with a degree in Computers Technology. he started working as social media consultant at Digg until he stated blogging and became a Google AdSense premium publisher. In his field of blogging, he faced the challenge of finding wordpress theme to be used on the website. This challenge compelled him to launch his own theme for his 2012 something that all the WordPress community will benefit. He also SEO plugins that have become public assets in 2015.

Bhanu Ahluwalia’s age: How old is Bhanu Ahluwalia?

The age of Bhanu is not known but the young man will be around his late 30s

Bhanu Ahluwalia career

Bhanu is a blogger and the CEO of Rank Math and MyThemshop.

Bhanu Ahluwalia’s net worth

The net worth of Bhanu is not disclose to the public but much of his earnings come from his career.

Bhanu Ahluwalia wife: Is Bhanu Ahluwalia married?

There is no fact about the marital status of Bhanu Ahluwalia

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