September 30, 2023

Awuku Makafui’s journey as a social entrepreneur and innovator is nothing short of extraordinary. His remarkable achievements and contributions have left an indelible mark on the fields of environmental sustainability, waste management, and entrepreneurship. Let’s take a closer look at some of his most notable accomplishments:

Awuku Makafui: The Early Years

Awuku Makafui’s journey to becoming a multi-faceted influencer and change-maker began with a passion for technology and innovation at an early age. Growing up, he exhibited a keen interest in exploring the world of technology, often taking apart and reassembling electronic devices just to understand how they worked. This innate curiosity and determination laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Innovating Leather from Waste the Mckingtorch Footwear Brand (July 2020)

One of Makafui Awuku’s standout achievements is his innovation of producing leather from waste materials. This innovation paved the way for the successful launch of the Mckingtorch Footwear Brand in July 2020. By transforming waste into a valuable resource, he not only demonstrated his commitment to sustainability but also created a brand that embodies eco-consciousness.

Contributions to Ghana’s National Waste Management Policy (2019)

Makafui Awuku’s commitment to waste management and environmental sustainability extended to policy advocacy. He played a significant role in contributing to Ghana’s National Waste Management Policy, which was launched by the President of Ghana in 2019. His expertise and insights helped shape this crucial policy framework.

Partnership with the MasterCard Foundation (2018)

In 2018, Makafui Awuku participated in meetings with the Board of the MasterCard Foundation, leading to the approval of a substantial $200 million fund aimed at creating three million jobs for Ghanaian youth over the next decade through the Africa Works Project. This collaboration underscores his dedication to youth empowerment and economic development in Ghana.

Global Recognition and Academic Engagements


Makafui Awuku’s work and expertise have garnered international recognition. He was invited by the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom to address Ph.D. students, sharing his insights and experiences as a successful social entrepreneur.

In 2020, the University of Michigan selected his project as the first African business to partner with their Urban Entrepreneurship course, where it became a case study for students to study and analyze, contributing to his project’s global impact.

During the Royal visit in 2018, the British government selected Makafui Awuku’s work to be showcased to His Excellency Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, during his visit to Ghana, highlighting the international significance of his endeavors.

Community Engagement and Grants

mckingtorch creative

Makafui Awuku’s commitment to community engagement is exemplified by his partnership with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and Rotary Club to install public bins in Accra. This initiative encourages responsible plastic waste disposal and promotes environmental awareness within the city.

His outstanding work has been recognized through several prestigious grants, including those from the World Bank and Netherlands Government, President Obama Young African Leaders Innovation Grant, and the United Nations Development Program Waste Recovery Innovation Grant.

Awuku Makafui’s commitment to environmentalism is evident in his work as a social innovator. He actively seeks sustainable solutions to address environmental challenges, emphasizing the need for responsible and ethical business practices. His efforts align with the growing global awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability in entrepreneurship and technology.

Educational Outreach and Media Coverage

Makafui Awuku’s dedication to environmental sustainability is reflected in his efforts to educate and train over 2,000 people in Ghana and Nigeria on this critical subject over the last three years. His work has received extensive media coverage, including features in Forbes Africa, British and German broadcasters, and Brussels Airlines Magazine.

Educational Background of Awuku Makafui

Awuku Makafui’s educational background provides a solid foundation for his diverse career in technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Let’s take a closer look at his academic journey:

University of Professional Studies, Accra (2005 – 2010):

During his time at the University of Professional Studies, Accra, Awuku Makafui pursued a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Marketing. Notably, he achieved a Second Class Upper Division, reflecting his dedication to his studies and commitment to academic excellence.

His academic focus included various facets of marketing, with an emphasis on International Marketing, Sports Marketing, Business Strategy & Policy, Marketing of Financial Services, Financial Information for Marketing, Marketing Research, Environmental Management, Total Quality Management, Strategic Marketing Planning, and Services Marketing. This comprehensive curriculum suggests a well-rounded understanding of marketing principles and practices.

Additionally, Awuku Makafui actively participated in extracurricular activities during his university years, including sports such as football and hockey. He was also involved in the Marketing Students Association, Students Initiative Ghana, and the Course Representatives Council, demonstrating his commitment to both academic and leadership pursuits.

Keta Senior High School (2000 – 2002):

Before his university studies, Awuku Makafui attended Keta Senior High School, where he completed the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination with a focus on the science track. His academic studies encompassed Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Elective Mathematics, highlighting his early interest in the sciences.

During his time at Keta Senior High School, he was an active member of the Students Union (S.U), showcasing his early involvement in student leadership and community engagement.

These educational experiences laid the groundwork for Awuku Makafui’s later achievements and his ability to excel in various fields, including technology, entrepreneurship, environmentalism, and literature. His academic accomplishments and involvement in both university and high school activities reflect a well-rounded and driven individual dedicated to making a positive impact on society.

Academic City University: Fostering Innovation

Awuku Makafui

As the Technology & Entrepreneurship Center Manager at Academic City University, Awuku Makafui plays a pivotal role in shaping the minds of the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. He is instrumental in creating an environment that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship among students. His guidance and mentorship empower students to explore their ideas, develop groundbreaking solutions, and embark on entrepreneurial journeys of their own.

Author and Poet: A Creative Outlet

Awuku Makafui’s talents extend beyond the realms of technology and entrepreneurship. He is also an accomplished author and poet, using the power of words to inspire and provoke thought. Through his written works, he addresses important societal issues, environmental concerns, and the human experience, fostering awareness and change.

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