Andrew Benson Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family

Andrew Benson biography

Andrew Benson lived from  September 24th   1917 to January 16th  2015. He was an American biologist and a professor biology in the University of California, San Diego until his retirement. He is the brain behind the idea of understanding carbon cycle in plants.He is the son of the rural physician with Swedish descent. He studied as an undergraduate student in the University of California, Berkeley and gained his master degree from the same institution. He studied optics from Lui  Alvarez and worked in the chemistry lab of T. Seaborg. He furthered his education and received his PhD from the California Institute of Technology. There he worked under the guidance of Carl Niemann conducting experiments on the fluorination of thyroxine. He also mingled himself in politics during the inter war periods in Europe.

Benson has done many researches that offers him the opportunity to be referenced by many learners among his researches are: The photosynthetic carbon reduction (1946-1953) featured by Melvin Calvin and James Bassham

He received many award in his field as biologist. Such awards include: National Academy of Sciences in 197, The American Academy of Arts and science in 1981, the Norwegian Academy of Science and letters 1984, the United States Department of Energy gave him the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award for his work using radioactive isotopes to understand the carbon cycle. He also received the Sugar Foundation Award in 1950.

Benson has become one of the remarkable Scientist who has contributed to the idea of photosynthesis and carbon reduction cycle and other areas of science.

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