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Jeremy Atus
Jeremy Atus


Hello there, It’s Jeremy Atus here again. I have always wanted to explore the internet and make full use of all the opportunities that it comes. Selling out my windows phone to get a domain for my wordpress blog was one of the best decisions of my life. Right after developing my first wordpress blog and registering a domain name for it, I knew building blogs for my colleagues won’t be a challenge anymore. I went into the business of building blogs for my friends and before I realized, I was designing websites for companies and organization. The Web Design business got even better when I launched my Web Design and Digital Marketing  agency Digitrust Ghana” in 2015.

I have since then trained myself in advanced web design skills like Coding, CMS Development, Search Engine Optimization and most importantly Digital Marketing which came in as a result of frequent demands from my clients. I currently own and manage several other blogs including:, and

The purpose of this blog is to assist my readers move along their online journey with all the expertise they require without having to go through the hassle I went through. This blog shall also serves as your daily source of tech news, lifestyle and business tips.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line in my email if you have questions or want me to work on your project.

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