gilroy garlic festival 5 Gilroy Garlic Festival: How is the festival celebrated?

Gilroy Garlic Festival: How is the festival celebrated?

Melone, who was the president of Gavilan College in Gilroy at the time, came across a newspaper item about a French tiny town that held an annual garlic festival and dubbed itself the “Garlic Capital of the World” in 1978. Nonsense, he declared. Garlic was produced and processed in far bigger quantities in Gilroy. In actuality, Christopher Ranch was and still is the world’s biggest shipper of garlic. Melone then set out to persuade Don Christopher, the owner of Christopher Ranch, as well as other local farmers and businesses, to honor the local product and hold their own garlic festival. The concept initially appeared utterly absurd.The majority of locals were more ashamed than proud of Gilroy’s history with garlic (and the town’s characteristic odor). Melone persisted, nevertheless. (He was Italian after all.) And his affection for garlic and Gilroy spread like wildfire. He and Christopher invited a chatty neighborhood farmer and chef named Val Filice to make a few garlicky dishes and serve them as a proof of concept at a Rotary Club luncheon. They also invited food writers and members of the local media. As a result of the lunch’s success, local officials decided to support a garlic festival in the summer of 1979.


At Bloomfield Ranch, the first Gilroy Garlic Festival took place in August 1979. The festival food booths, known as “Gourmet Alley,” were run by Rudy Melone as President, Don Christopher provided all the garlic, and Val Filice presided as Head Chef. About 50 community members were recruited to assist, and they helped with everything from selling tickets and clearing up trash to peeling garlic and pouring beer. The intention was to give the entire sum of money to the neighborhood.
At first, the festival’s planners weren’t sure if anyone would attend—but they were soon overrun by the amount of people.

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Why was the Gilroy Garlic Festival Canceled?

As Hoodline reported last month, the Gilroy Garlic Celebration board voted not to hold a festival in 2022 or the near future due to a number of factors, most of which were financial in nature. These difficulties included increasing security costs and increased insurance charges.

You can smell Gilroy, California, even with the car windows open. Garlic processing facilities emit a strong, toasted aroma that is characteristic of the allium that gives Mexican salsa roja, Italian marinara, Creole gumbo, and Korean kimchi their distinctive flavors.

What city grows the most garlic?

The reason Gilroy, California is regarded as the capital of American garlic is partly due to the fact that most of the country’s garlic is cultivated, processed, and shipped there.