Sydney Harbour Bridge 11 Why is Sydney Harbour bridge so famous?

Why is Sydney Harbour bridge so famous?

Sydney was able to grow to the north thanks to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which opened up the northern side of the harbor. Before the bridge was constructed, the only way to go over the harbor was by ferry. People and commodities could now go much more rapidly thanks to the bridge.

What are 3 facts about the Sydney Harbour bridge?

Facts about Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Every day, around 160,000 vehicles cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • In 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was inaugurated.
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge was built for 10 million pounds, or more than 1.5 billion Australian dollars in today’s currency.


How long is Harbour bridge walk?

It takes 20 minutes to walk one way from Bridge Stairs in The Rocks across the Harbour Bridge to Milsons Point (assuming you don’t stop for pictures, of course!).



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