High-income skills

7 High-Income Skills Worth Learning in 2022

Every job necessitates some combination of interpersonal and technical skills, and chances are you already have an impressive skill set derived from your education or previous work experience.


According to 2022 report from McKinsey Company , high-income skills are tools and expertise that employers value highly and may make it easier to change jobs and even industries. 
These job skills may be uncommon, but they are frequently required for running successful business.


You may want to highlight your high-income skills in your portfolio as you aim to advance or shift your career focus. 
Depending on your desired career path, you may be able to use these skills to achieve your salary objectives.

7 high-income skills to learn


In this article, we’ll take you through seven high-income skills that you can feature on your resume to help stand out to potential employers. To build this list, we looked at reports forecasting the most in-demand skills through 2030 from the World Economic Forum, Pearson, Future Learn, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Coursera.




1. Data analysis

Analytical thinking and innovation is the top skill forecasted in the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report [1]. As businesses across industries increasingly rely on data to make informed decisions, they require more employees with the ability to collect, interpret, and share data that can solve their business problems.

People skilled in data analysis may use a range of tools including Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, SQL, Tableau, R, or Python.

Here are some careers that use data analysis, along with average total pay (base salary and bonus) in the United States as of August 2022, according to Glassdoor:

Job title Average total pay
Business analyst $97,720
Data analyst $98,360
Data engineer $119,218
Data scientist $121,952


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2. Software development

Increasingly, industries are turning toward technology to advance their business capabilities, and they need people skilled in developing, maintaining, and improving their technological systems. People who work in DevOps or software engineering build, monitor, and control an organization’s technology.

People skilled in DevOps or software engineering may use tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, or Kubernetes, and may know coding languages like Python, Java, or C++.

Here are some careers that use software development, along with average total pay (base salary and bonus) in the United States as of August 2022, according to Glassdoor:


Job title Average total pay
Applications Engineer $108,765
Systems developer $114,769
Software engineer $119,530
DevOps Engineer $121,380


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3. Grant Writing


Grant writing is another high-paying skill that’s in high demand. If you want a job working at the leading edge of a nonprofit, research institution, or other high-impact organization, learning to write grants can pay off big time! For these organizations, grant writing literally pays the bills, and therefore will be super valuable.

How to learn grant writing skills


  • You can take a grant writing course online, for example, Teresa Huff’s course on SkillShare (which I’ve linked to below).
  • If you have a non-profit job now, reach out to your boss and ask them if you can be involved in grant writing–even as an editor or proofreader initially. Study winning grand proposals to see what they did well. OR, if you’re a student, apply for every scholarship and grant you can find for your research. It’s a great way to get some hands-on experience.
Grant Writing screenshot 7 High-Income Skills Worth Learning in 2022

How to use grant writing at work


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If you’re already at a non-profit job and want some career advancement opportunities (or if there are any openings), this is the high quality, high demand skill you’ll need. Like I said above, look for opportunities to jump in on projects that have a grant writing component, and study past successful grants to see what they did well!





4. Affiliate Marketing


If you want to have a more diverse income stream or build your own website empire, this high-quality skill will help! I use it here with Roostervane. But affiliate marketing is increasingly factoring in companies’ marketing strategies, as they form relationships with influencers and thought leaders to build their affiliate profiles.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win, since companies get new clients, and influencers get paid to put products they love in front of their existing audience!

How to learn affiliate marketing skills


  • There’s a lot of knowledge about affiliate marketing online since it’s become one of the key ways the internet is monetized. Look for blogs and podcasts about it.
  • I took a great course from Michelle-Schroeder Gardner, who runs the blog Making Sense of Cents (and famously earns up to $50,000/month from affiliate marketing).

How to use affiliate marketing skills at work


If you have a job right now where they run affiliate marketing campaigns with influencers, a good understanding of affiliate marketing will help you manage relationships and understand how to make sure your campaign is successful.




5. Account management

While project management typically has an internal focus, account management taps into a similar subset of skills to work with people outside of your organization. Often highly valued in sales positions, account management skills enable you to confidently position your company and its products to customers.

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Account management skills incorporate both the organizational aspects required to close a business deal as well as the interpersonal skills required to productively negotiate and maintain relationships.


They often work with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like Salesforce.


Here are some careers that use account management and sales skills, along with average total pay (base salary and bonus) in the United States as of August 2022, according to Glassdoor:

Job title Average total pay
Account manager $83,999
Business development associate $88,601
Business development manager $98,861
Sales representative $100,310



6. Content creation and management

Content creation and management skills involve storytelling and are often crucial for marketing careers.


This skill set incorporates creativity, originality, social perceptiveness, and emotional intelligence.


Taking these skills a step further can also mean adding data analysis to your toolbox, specifically honing in on marketing analytics so that you can assess how well an audience is connecting with your content.



Here are some careers that use content creation and management skills, along with average total pay (base salary and bonus) in the United States as of August 2022, according to Glassdoor:


Job title Average total pay
Social media manager $76,325
Digital marketing manager $96,206
Content marketing manager $107,777
Brand marketing manager $109,952




7. UX Design


UX designers ensure products, services and devices offer a seamless and pleasant user experience. They focus on the experience of the end-user and their work is critical to a product or device’s commercial success.


UX design incorporates aspects of psychology and design, bound together with commercial awareness and market research. Good UX designers are easily earning in excess of $100k per annum and there’s a great choice of training available online.



If you feel like you’re stuck in your career, especially if you have a degree that feels useless, why not learn one of these in-demand skills and level up? They’ll help you define the value you offer in the marketplace, and get paid more! Good luck!