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5 Ideas to kickstart your entrepreneurial startup

There is a popular saying which tends to say procrastination is the thief of time. Some also believe it is actually the thief of life. On the foregoing, your dream of building a business that flourishes into a big enterprise must come into fruition with the tips below:

1. Start it right

Selling umbrellas in the rainy season will fetch you much dividends than in any other season. Therefore, as an aspiring entrepreneur, you must forego the immediate pleasures and invest a lot of time into making your business a successful one. Strategise, look for the right niche, settle at the vantage location, involve the key people — the sooner you get started, the better

2. Have knowledge of your motivations

If you take a critical look at successful businesses, there is one thing that defines them which spells out their goals and objectives. Defining this goal rightly positions yourself and the business properly fir success. You count on what motivates you to leapfrog.

Are you considering starting up, then you need to ask these questions and get answers to them.

  • How will you procure startup capital?
  • What is your marketing brand and niche?
  • Will you get reliable suppliers?
  • What are your marketing strategies

3. Have a clear business plan

Like everything, before you unveil you business, you need to prepare a clear cutout business plan. Your business plan must serve as the blueprint to guide you to the top. Some key features of your plan should include your market research, estimated startup costs, monthly operating budget and forecasted revenue projections. Any investor or lender will count on your business plan in their decision making process. Ultimately, a business plan serves as a focus guide which stampedes indecision, uncertainties and indiscretions that hold back so many promising entrepreneurs.

4. Set a deadline

Now, is the best time to start working on your business since the sooner you start the better it is for your success. Do not be in a hurry to quit your paying job because your enterprise can be rolled out as a side hustle. Subsequently, you can transition to it full time when you are confident you can earn a living wage from it. Take your personal finances and the time you will invest into it into consideration. Instead of fancying the idea of being a big boss now, set a realistic deadline for your business which when met will catapult you into full gear.

5. Involve the right technology and tools

The use of the right technology tools can facilitate a big difference in starting your business. The best technology and software and software when chosen appropriately and optimised will save time and money and brighten your chances. The automating of the the accounting, business reporting, payroll et al with the requisite technology will save you the stress.

Consider these tools and technology:

  • Accounting platforms
  • Point of sale softwares
  • Marketing platforms

Starting your business can be hard but with the right knowledge, passion and hard work, your business will go far.

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